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New on Friday, 16 March

[15 Mar, 14:00 PM] The Duel!
[13 Mar, 18:00 PM] Cyrus finds a hidden Ilya Manyakin (Diamond)
[13 Mar, 18:45 PM] Weir_Doe is acting weird
[13 Mar, 17:00 PM] A disastrous hunt by Absol
[13 Mar, 15:40 PM] Team Rocket foiled again. Weir_Doe doesn't fall for Matthew Hinks (Giovanni)'s scheming
[13 Mar, 14:15 PM] Only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja. Weir_Doe tries to test this, but fails to find shinobi
[12 Mar, 19:40 PM] Andrew Harland (Meetball AKA ball of meet) gets bolted. By Giovanni's Pikachu
[13 Mar, 08:45 AM] Sam Twist (Storm:Wolf) finds that tacticallemons taste quite sour
[13 Mar, 09:00 AM] After all that effort, Julian Willis (Argod) finally kills Christian (Chris) Greer (The Platypus), but tacticallemon and Diamond were waiting.

New on Wednesday, 14 March

[14 Mar, 00:00 AM] Ceasefire!
[13 Mar, 23:59 PM] Christabel Clark (shinobi) disappears into the night.

New on Monday, 12 March

[12 Mar, 23:00 PM] Team Galactic rises!
[11 Mar, 12:00 PM] Again, nothing.
[10 Mar, 18:20 PM] Argod's faith that tacticallemon, Meetball, The Platypus and Diamond would be at home was misguided

New on Friday, 9 March

[9 Mar, 23:00 PM] Adam Casey (Nathaniel Williams), Andy Marsh (Daring-Do), Esther Kezia Harding (Tiny) and Jonathan Millican (Blue Scream of Death) perish of their own incompetence
[8 Mar, 18:15 PM] Kiwi eating panda fails to find food in Nathaniel Williams's abode
[27 Feb, 18:00 PM] Kate Champion (Krazy) and Stacey-Jo Parker (Sparks) fall for Phishy Joe's bait
[7 Mar, 17:30 PM] Chocolate isn't good for Pokemon, as Thomas Boby (Golbat) and Toby Crisford (Meowth) find out when meeting The Chocolatier
[8 Mar, 16:30 PM] Storm:Wolf sends Martin Levine (The Chocolatier AKA Phishy Joe) to sleep with the phishes
[8 Mar, 14:00 PM] shinobi blends into the background. Weir_Doe's stalking continues to fail.
[7 Mar, 19:00 PM] tacticallemon's tactics fail to outsmart The Platypus

New on Tuesday, 6 March

[6 Mar, 16:00 PM] ball of meet and The Platypus bring Carys Redman-White (Ornate Flying Snake (Chrysopelea ornata)) to the ground
[4 Mar, 14:30 PM] Mike Williamson (The Unknowing Accomplice) didn't know Giovanni and his accomplice Persian were coming
[6 Mar, 18:00 PM] Argod giveth, and Argod fails to taketh away the life of Kiwi eating panda
[5 Mar, 17:25 PM] Katherine Blythe (Arcas) gets dissected by Genesect

New on Sunday, 4 March

[3 Mar, 16:00 PM] tacticallemon, Diamond and Jigglypuff couldn't catch Storm:Wolf or the Ornate Flying Snake (Chrysopelea ornata)

New on Saturday, 3 March

[2 Mar, 12:00 PM] Daring-Do isn't daring enough to face The Chocolatier
[3 Mar, 11:15 AM] With Argod all things are possible. Except finding Weir_Doe.
[2 Mar, 17:40 PM] Giovanni got fed up of Dainius Kilda (DJ Kakadu)'s music. And incompetence.

New on Friday, 2 March

[24 Feb, 20:00 PM] Diamond tames Joseph (Joey) Nelson (Arbok)
[1 Mar, 23:59 PM] Dom Hill (Li Showron) and Gianpiero Roscelli (Jeeps) vanish mysterously
[1 Mar, 19:30 PM] tacticallemon, ball of meet and The Platypus find the Ornate Flying Snake (Chrysopelea ornata) has flown its nest

New on Wednesday, 29 February

[28 Feb, 11:30 AM] If Daring-Do and Weir_Doe don't believe in Argod does that make them artheists?
[29 Feb, 12:00 PM] Error 404: Assassins not found
[28 Feb, 23:00 PM] The corrupt Matthew Hinks (Giovanni) falls to Seto Kaiba

New on Sunday, 26 February

[25 Feb, 13:00 PM] Genesect does some science with Alex Jackman (err... Alex Jackman, Fitzwilliam College) and Kentaro Ueshima (iRobot)
[26 Feb, 12:00 PM] Sunday. Nothing. Again.

New on Saturday, 25 February

[24 Feb, 19:00 PM] Giovanni is up to no good
[24 Feb, 17:40 PM] Argod knows all. Except where to find Nathaniel Williams and The Unknowing Accomplice
[24 Feb, 18:15 PM] Meetball makes sure Will Coster (Jar Jar Binks) gets his five-a-day
[23 Feb, 18:00 PM] Li Showron and Diamond are spared the sword of shinobi

New on Thursday, 23 February

[22 Feb, 12:00 PM] Nothing happened on Wednesday either
[21 Feb, 12:00 PM] Nothing happened on Tuesday
[23 Feb, 10:00 AM] Still little action. Still more rulebreaking.
[23 Feb, 08:00 AM] Phishy Joe is acting phishy

New on Wednesday, 22 February

[20 Feb, 18:45 PM] Meetball hasn't met the rules

New on Tuesday, 21 February

[20 Feb, 18:00 PM] Rosie Normanton (Rosiefromqueens) lacks the tactics of tacticallemon

New on Monday, 20 February

[19 Feb, 14:00 PM] Two criminal masterminds meet their match! Benjamin Taylor (Mr Pink) gets taken out by Emily Room (Captain Molly Morgagni AKA Moriarty the Pot Plant), who double kills with Craig Newbold (Evil Mastermind #4)

New on Sunday, 19 February

[18 Feb, 12:20 PM] Storm:Wolf ravages Jack Brewster (Stabby Jack)
[17 Feb, 23:00 PM] Kiwi eating panda can't find DJ Kakadu and Jar Jar Binks, so goes and eats some kiwis instead
[17 Feb, 20:00 PM] The sinners Evil Mastermind #4 and Jeeps continue to hide from their Argod
[15 Feb, 18:15 PM] Joseph (Joey) Nelson (The Poison Dart) has died. May his rest be Tranquill
[17 Feb, 09:30 AM] Krazy continues to be stalked by a Weir_Doe

New on Friday, 17 February

[15 Feb, 18:00 PM] Craig Slade (I know what you did last term) didn't expect Tiny to do what he did last night again
[14 Feb, 18:00 PM] Diamond can't find The Poison Dart
[16 Feb, 15:45 PM] Caspian Merlin (Pugnalatore) gets scratched up by Meowth
[16 Feb, 15:10 PM] Viktor Konstantinov (Roo) doesn't jump out of the way of The Chocolatier's piano

New on Thursday, 16 February

[15 Feb, 13:30 PM] Nicholas Caldwell (Solid Snake (Serpens Corpus)) couldn't find a box to hide under and gets taken out by Ornate Flying Snake (Chrysopelea ornata)
[15 Feb, 10:00 AM] The Unknowing Accomplice knows how to survive Nathaniel Williams's attack
[14 Feb, 21:00 PM] tacticallemon and Meetball go hunting. Ornate Flying Snake (Chrysopelea ornata) gets lucky, but Thomas Ruddle (Manfred Von Karma)'s karma runs out

New on Tuesday, 14 February

[14 Feb, 13:05 PM] The wanted criminal Steph Leddington (Baker Street Irregular) is taken out by the not-so-wanted criminal Giovanni, working with the also-not-wanted criminal Moriarty the Pot Plant
[14 Feb, 13:00 PM] Karma pays off for Nathaniel Williams and Stabby Jack as they avoid Manfred Von Karma
[14 Feb, 17:15 PM] Storm:Wolf tries again. Julianne Joswiak (Mr Brown) is actually dead this time
[14 Feb, 12:00 PM] The Chocolatier and Storm:Wolf form an unlikely pact
[14 Feb, 13:00 PM] Despite Psychic being Super Effective against Poison, Gregory (Greg) Weir (Abra) was no match for Solid Snake (Serpens Corpus)
[14 Feb, 10:00 AM] Random Strategy is not winning strategy. Matthew Fitch (This pseudonym was not made up by the umpire) slays Jonathan Bootle (Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis)), but didn't see Solid Snake (Serpens Corpus) coming
[14 Feb, 12:50 PM] Storm:Wolf is also foiled by the library's kill-preventing powers
[13 Feb, 23:20 PM] Julianna Yau (Lola Girl) does her last dance to the beats of DJ Kakadu
[14 Feb, 11:05 AM] Not even Phanos Anastasiou (the Government) can avoid the Blue Scream of Death
[13 Feb, 18:00 PM] I know what you did last term survives by the Tiny-est of margins

New on Monday, 13 February

[12 Feb, 17:00 PM] Not the Incobash: Nathaniel Williams avoids the mob and looks for an Ornate Flying Snake (Chrysopelea ornata)
[13 Feb, 11:05 AM] Meowth used Nerf! It's super effective! John Grenfell-Shaw (Triggerfish) fainted!
[13 Feb, 14:00 PM] Solid Snake (Serpens Corpus) gets a little too trigger-happy
[13 Feb, 11:00 AM] Thomas Boby (Nanobyte) gets corrupted by the Blue Scream of Death
[12 Feb, 13:30 PM] Incobash: Captain Molly Morgagni joins the fray, while Baker Street Irregular unleashes the kraken on Abra and the Umpire
[13 Feb, 11:00 AM] Where's Sherlock when you need him? Baker Street Irregular takes out QuasiPseudonym, while Moriarty the Pot Plant looks on in the background.
[12 Feb, 14:00 PM] Incobash: More bloodshed. Giovanni kills Neil Satra (Real Saint), Captain Molly Morgagni kills Thomas Clausen (Bertie) and Manfred Von Karma kills Jefferson (Jeff) Hayden Carpenter (Shluf)

New on Sunday, 12 February

[12 Feb, 17:00 PM] Also not the Incobash: Nanobyte looks for Mr Pink and Bertie
[12 Feb, 16:00 PM] Incobash: Solid Snake (Serpens Corpus) uses stealth to avoid it
[12 Feb, 15:00 PM] Incobash: The bash gets bashed! The Platypus kills Aneurin John (Nye) Redman-White (Anomalous Sea Snake (Thalassophis anomalus)) and tacticallemon takes out Tom Norris (morn riots)
[12 Feb, 14:30 PM] Incobash: Evil Mastermind #4, The Unknowing Accomplice and Roo practice their synchronised reporting
[12 Feb, 13:45 PM] Incobash: Captain Molly Morgagni takes out Balazs Torok (mzperix)
[12 Feb, 13:00 PM] The Incobash begins
[11 Feb, 17:55 PM] This pseudonym was not made up by the umpire. Martin Chan (FBKBGITPERFTCQ) was not able to take out his target before dying.
[11 Feb, 11:20 AM] Argod is not omniscient and can't find Real Saint and Weir_Doe

New on Saturday, 11 February

[11 Feb, 10:00 AM] A Weir_Doe tries to find a Krazy person
[11 Feb, 16:00 PM] Rosiefromqueens has difficulty finding Captain Molly Morgagni from [UNSPECIFIED COLLEGE]
[11 Feb, 20:00 PM] Nathaniel Williams avoids Jar Jar Binks. Lucky him.
[11 Feb, 18:30 PM] The end is now for Benjamin Gill (The end is nigh), but not for The Chocolatier
[11 Feb, 16:30 PM] Andrew Buchan (Deathophilia) loves death. So much he got Meetball to kill him
[10 Feb, 22:00 PM] Tudor Balan (Kronos) gets red on him after meeting Mr Pink
[10 Feb, 21:30 PM] Kiwi eating panda robs Madeleine (Maddie) Sharman (Anna Scheele) for her kiwis

New on Friday, 10 February

[10 Feb, 20:45 PM] Siqi Ding (pi-pie) gets caught up in morn riots
[10 Feb, 18:15 PM] Someone tries to find morn riots. In the evening.
[10 Feb, 10:30 AM] Some Weir_Doe takes out Melanie Mertesdorf (Verdandi)
[9 Feb, 18:00 PM] Shluf and FBKBGITPERFTCQ don't lose their work to the Blue Scream of Death
[10 Feb, 18:00 PM] Jar Jar Binks visits an unspecified college to seek the mysterious assassin Alex Jackman, Fitzwilliam College

New on Thursday, 9 February

[9 Feb, 17:55 PM] Kronos eludes Anna Scheele
[9 Feb, 15:00 PM] The end is nigh, but not that nigh for The Chocolatier
[9 Feb, 13:15 PM] Arcas commits Gregory (Greg) Weir (The Shogun of Genocide)-cide
[9 Feb, 11:05 AM] Error: FBKBGITPERFTCQ not found. He avoids being faced with the Blue Scream of Death

New on Wednesday, 8 February

[8 Feb, 20:45 PM] Manfred Von Karma takes objection to Toby Crisford (Dave)
[7 Feb, 23:00 PM] 3OH!3 sang Don't Trust Me. Jakub Sanak (Kuba) (303) shouldn't have trusted Kronos. (Yes, I'm getting desperate for headlines here)
[8 Feb, 10:30 AM] Brendan Clifford (The Monty Python (Python M. Ridiculus)) expected the Spanish Inquisition. They didn't expect Arcas
[8 Feb, 10:05 AM] Charlotte Kane (CK) meets Meetball
[8 Feb, 10:00 AM] Dave scores a touchdown against Edward Kay-Coles (QB)
[7 Feb, 23:20 PM] The Chocolatier's treats are a little too sweet for Ben Webb (Pinkie Pie)
[7 Feb, 14:00 PM] Someone hasn't read the rules
[7 Feb, 17:00 PM] Arcas enjoys a Carolyn Barker (Vodka Mutini). Shaken AND stirred.

New on Monday, 6 February

[6 Feb, 18:00 PM] Diamond would rather be at Oxford than at Mark Brown (St. John's College, Cambridge)
[6 Feb, 11:55 AM] First blood! And by blood I mean the tasty filling of Matthew Morgan (A Malicious Pastry), consumed by an Owen Cundy (Old Mountain Man), who was then outsmarted by a tacticallemon
[6 Feb, 13:00 PM] No quantity of Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters could prepare Benjamin Lai (Zaphod Beeblebrox) for Storm:Wolf!

New on Sunday, 5 February

[6 Feb, 02:00 AM] The game begins! (I just lost the game)

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