Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Chief of PoliceFrancis X. ClampazzoJames Water
Mafia bossDonbotTea WaterPlease do not come murderise me at my house (which is on Arbury Road), as I have non-player housemates. Instead, here are convenient appointments: Sidgwick site lectures Monday 1100, Wednesday 1100 and 1200, and a Downing Site lecture Thursday 1100. I also play CUTT every week, both the interactive and linear. I killed the umpire once, I can kill you as well.
Last DamnationHedonism BotLuke Bennett you.JesusNo WaterI am fearsome. Fear me.
Bending UnitBender RodriguezToby 26 New Garden HostelKing'sWater With Care
LordNibblerAlison Court 102, Sidney Sussex CollegeSidney SussexNo Water
The AnnihilatorMorboChristian 3, 8 Mortimer RoadGonville and CaiusNo Water
Star of the showBoxy (alive by shocking twist!)Augustin Hawking Building room 1.01, West RoadGonville and CaiusWater With Care
Ex-CaptainZapp Brannigan (of the rebuilt Nimbus)Carys House B 24, Clare Colony, Chesterton Lane, CB4 3AAClareNo WaterIf people come to my room, please be careful of my electric piano!
LieutenantKif KrokerRachael, Cripps CourtQueens'Water With Care
Supreme MutantRaoul InglisJoscha, West House, room 110HomertonNo WaterSubject: Education with English. Occasional English lecture at Sidgwick.
SergeantSmittyVincent Court E5TrinityWater With Care
InternAmy WongMary, Memorial Court, Queen's RoadClareNo WaterThere's a computer and other electrical equipment in my room which should probably be kept away from water. I own a violin and I'd appreciate it if potential killers would avoid trashing it up.
CaptainTuranga LeelaHannah 7, Staircase II, Library CourtJesusWater With Care
ALL GLORY TOHypnotoad (illusion)Robin, Memorial Court, Clare College, CambridgeClareWater With Care
Bureaucrat Grade 36Hermes ConradMelanie, downing collegeDowningWater With Care
CloneCubert J. FarnsworthEmily New CourtSt John'sWater With CareThis is a shared set and the roommate lives in the front half of the room. Please refrain from shooting her.
Bending UnitFlexo "Nah I'm not really dead"Eileen's Court L4a, Trinity CollegeTrinityWater With CareI live in a shared room.
Father ChristmasRobot Santa ClausChris, room I16.DowningNo WaterDon't kill me!
NOT CRAZY!RobertoRahul 3/4 new courtChrist'sNo Waterhang around yusuf hamied centre and staircase 4 (in new court) at Christ's.
Miss Earth\'s MoonThe CrushinatorQuintin C23St John'sNo Water
Dr.Ogden WernstromSam Foundress CourtPembrokeNo Water
OfficerURLIzhan Foundress Court, Pembroke CollegePembrokeNo WaterVegetarian, trained in self defence
MisterHorrible Gelatinous BlobMichael (Mikey) Court, room number B15TrinityNo Water
PoliticianBrain SlugAdam (Dokett)Queens'No Water
Leader of the Legion of Mad FellowsNumber 9 ManAdam'No Water
Ruler of the Planet Omicron Persei 8LrrrJanusz SikorskiunspecifiedunspecifiedChurchillNo Water
GargoylePazuzu's sonPatrick 9, staircase III, Library CourtJesusNo Water
WhateverSal (again?)Aashik Ashley Chhibber (known as Ashley),Keynes Building, King's CollegeKing'sNo WaterOut of bounds during cloud-watching society meetings. (Saturday 3 to 5 pm)
SirZombie Churchill's head.Winston Water
Delivery BoyPhilip J. Fry (resurrected)Zackary A S Hassan (known as Zack) College Second Court K11JesusWater With CareThe staircase I live in is also used for supervisions, with many professors lurking in the shadows. Also, please no cats, I'm allergic :P
Eco-FeministaFrida WaterfallGregory (Greg) 9, K Staircase, PeterhousePeterhouseNo WaterTwo fellows share my staircase. Make it subtle if you're hanging around late at night, I don't want to wake them up with shouting and loudness.

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
CaptainZapp BranniganCarys Redman-WhiteClare
Dr.PerceptronRobert (Rob) SeatonRobinson
OrphanTinny TimLawrence EsswoodChurchill
CrippleTinny Tim (with a broken arm)Lawrence EsswoodChurchill
CrippleTinny Tim (with an arm and a leg missing)Lawrence EsswoodChurchill
ProfessorHubert J. FarnsworthEmily RoomSt John's
CrippleTinny Tim (with only 1 leg left)Lawrence EsswoodChurchill
All glory toHypnotoadRobin ElliottClare
CrippleTinny Tim (with no limbs)Lawrence EsswoodChurchill
Bending UnitFlexoEileen WagnerTrinity
Delivery BoyPhilip J. FryZackary A S Hassan (known as Zack)Jesus
OfficerSmittyVincent GartonTrinity
SirWinston Churchill's headWinston TanChurchill
ActorBoxyAugustin ZidekGonville and Caius
GargoylePazuzuPatrick StevensJesus
WhateverSalAashik Ashley Chhibber (known as Ashley)King's
Spokesperson for Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment (MEAT)Free Waterfall Jr.Gregory (Greg) WeirPeterhouse
Penguins Unlimited. activist.Free Waterfall Sr.Gregory (Greg) WeirPeterhouse
LawyerOld Man WaterfallGregory (Greg) WeirPeterhouse
Target practiceTinny Tim's desembodied headLawrence EsswoodChurchill
League of Robots memberDestructor minus an armLawrence EsswoodChurchill

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
CEO of MomCorpMom IIIAdam BeaumontChurchillMurdering the umpire
CEO of MomCorpMomAdam BeaumontChurchillMurdering the umpire
CEO of MomCorpMom IVAdam BeaumontChurchillMurdering the umpire
CEO of MomCorpMom IIAdam BeaumontChurchillMurdering the umpire
CEO of MomCorpMom VAdam BeaumontChurchillMurdering the umpire
Robot DevilBeelzebotDavid PennefatherChurchillTaking part in Mom\'s attempt to take over the world
Target practiceTinny Tim's ghostLawrence EsswoodChurchillBeing corrupted by the evil essence in Mom\'s dead body
League of Robots memberDestructorLawrence EsswoodChurchillBeing corrupted by the evil essence in Mom\\'s dead body
League of Robots spare partsDestructor minus two armsLawrence EsswoodChurchillBeing corrupted by the evil essence in Mom\'s dead body

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