The Assassins' Guild: Michaelmas 2013 Game Awards

For various achievements and entertainments, the following awards are presented:

The Sheriff's Quick Draw Award:
Dan Hunt for shooting someone within 5 minutes of the open season email going out!
The Leek and Safe Award for most interesting weaponry:
Matt Fitch for his magic wand. Honourable mention to Hannah Vandersluis for repaeating the Knitted Dalek Kill!
The Zaphod Beeblebrox award for style:
Matt Fitch for going the extra mile in styling his reports and sending ina some images for the website
The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most amusing reports:
Tristan Roberts, for Ahti's poetic offerings for the website. Honourable mention to Thomas Rychlik for his excellently themed and very varied reports
The Robocop award for killing wanted criminals:
The Duke, Douglas Hall and Niklas Ek, for wiping out every player who went wanted in the game!
The Terminator Award for Best "I'll Be Back" moment:
Thomas Rychlik, for being coshed down by Rebecca Zhao outside the abr and left for dead.
The Maximus Decimus Meridius award for best fight to the death:
Danielle C. Saunders and Tristan Roberts, who decided that dueling to the death was a good way to end an evening out with friends.
The Lemming Award for First To Die:
Ed Philips for dying withint a few hours of the game starting
The Holzhauer Award for psychopathy:
Thomas Rychlik and Adam Beaumont, for reaching double figures.
The Jake Corteen Award for dying far too many times:
Jonny Philips who stretched The Umpire's imagination for different iterations of Fred Weasley

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