Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Head BoyRufus ScrimgeourMatthew, Wychfield site, Trinity HallChurchillNo Water
Head BoyGilderoy LockhartThe Dukedukecharles@gmail.comBlanket Out of Bounds At HomeFormerly of JesusNo WaterI am a Real Person, please do not approach my workplace, this could cause problems for both of us. My house is also out of bounds.
PrefectKingsley ShackleboltTom Neattom.neat@cantab.netG8, Chapel Courtformerly of Sidney SussexNo WaterI do not actually live here, but this is where I will be based when in Cambridge. Preferably do not come after me here, but if you must, please be respectful of my host.
PrefectPrefect Ron WeasleyDouglas - Wolfson siteWolfsonWater With CareWater with care (don't hit my computer - pretty much anything else is fine)
PrefectGunther GundropThomas Pembroke Street, Room 1PembrokeWater With CareAllergic to polystyrene, so please avoid slaying me with any polystyrene-based weaponry. Or just avoid slaying me. Plz.
PrefectDon't Call me Nymphadora TonksTonksdontcallmenymphadoratonks01@gmail.comReal WorldNo WaterWotcher ;)I'm frequently in town but I'm not to be assaulted within the street block I do my work in. I can't believe these Muggles!
StudentXenophilius LovegoodKieran Sinclair blundellSidney SussexNo Water
StudentRenIlya, Tree Court.Gonville and CaiusFull Water
StudentNeville LongbottomFlorence Water
StudentFluffyJack CrippsSt John'sWater With Care
StudentDaedalus DiggleAlexander John Horne - known as, Memorial CourtClareNo WaterLaptop, monitor, and any other IT equipment is to be avoided please
StudentCornelius FudgeLorenzo'No WaterI'm in a shared set, please do not shoot / soak my bloodthirsty Scottish roommate. He will not take it well.
StudentMad-Eye MoodyJosh Chapel CourtSt John'sNo WaterBe very careful in engaging in combat in my room as some of my tech is quite delicate.
StudentNeville LongbottomIzhan 27, 2 Selwyn GardensPembrokeNo WaterOften known to frequent the Anchor/Fountain I have a vast network of spies around Cambridge.
StudentSirius BlackEd Castle End Colony Chesterton LaneClareNo Water
StudentSeverus SnapeIsobel House room 441HomertonWater With Carei frequent the Engineering Department and city centre between 9 and 4 on weekdays
StudentNicolas FlamelSebastian Court, F03Corpus ChristiNo Water
StudentFenrir GreybackMiles House, 24-28 Glisson Road, room 23EmmanuelNo WaterBlantyre House is 10 minutes away from city centre. Please try to avoid my computers/electrical equipment.
StudentCharlie WeasleyJohn'No WaterShared set
StudentRemus Lupin IIJohn Annes court Selwy CollegeSelwynNo Water
StudentDead Child IIAugustin, K-Block, Harvey CourtGonville and CaiusWater With Care
StudentProf. Rubeus HagridNiklas Ek - known as Big Street 26JesusNo Water
StudentAlicia SpinnetRebecca Harwinrebecca.harwin@icloud.comMalcolm Street 16, Room 4JesusNo Water
StudentWill RitalyeightRomaric Massonromaric_m@yahoo.frNot at Sidney SussexNo Waterout of bounds in the street blocks I live and work in
StudentFilius FlitwickKonstantinos Cripps CourtQueens'Water With Care
StudentSeamus FinniganMichael M25 in Catz (M Block, Sherlock Court)St Catharine'sNo Water
StudentOliver WoodStephen Water

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
PrefectHagridNiklas Ek - known as Big NikJesus
StudentFred WeasleyJonny PhillipsSt Catharine's
StudentFred Weasley IIJonny PhillipsSt Catharine's
StudentRemus LupinJohn CumnerSelwyn

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
StudentMarietta sneak EdgecombeJames Fielding - commonly known as DingEmmanuelBlatant Arrogance

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