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Saturday, 18 January

[00:00 AM] The Game Begins!
[13:30 PM] FIRST BLOOD! Hilman Husky, the Young Empress and Melody Malone take the Alexander William Law (Teapot) into their own murderous hands
[14:00 PM] Merridew confused on where to look in hunt for The Fool
[15:00 PM] Thargo Hoath has to keep looking
[15:30 PM] Reckless onslaught leaves both corpses and criminals as Uxariean kills Peter Francis Jordan (Gargoyle)
[17:45 PM] Thargo Hoath thriketh out again, looking for Death Valet
[21:00 PM] A funeral directed by The Preacher Casy as he puts Ben Stoddart-Stones (The Monkey Manager) six feet under.

Sunday, 19 January

[15:00 PM] Nitros Oxide lets the games begin, but doesnt find anyone to play against
[17:00 PM] The Valeyard returns to Gallifrey empty handed
[20:00 PM] Fedorphinn kills Alex Fairclough (Slartibartfast)
[23:00 PM] Amy Pond tries to dispense justice, but it takes more than a uniform to get Uxariean

Monday, 20 January

[09:00 AM] Melody Malone strikes out on her own
[12:00 PM] little fella conducting bigs deeds, stabbing Alistair O'Neill (Sterling)
[13:45 PM] Louise Elizabeth Davies (Zer0) gets lead for lunch from The Preacher Casy
[15:00 PM] Watcher in the Water can't see any of his victims
[16:15 PM] Swanson gets a clean kill
[17:20 PM] The Tin Dog gets its revenge and slays the wanted Joe Bonham-Carter (Uxariean)
[17:30 PM] A quick kill as Nitros Oxide races Konradin Ferdinand Muskens (Krin) (Brutus)
[18:30 PM] Matthew March (The Goldfish) sleeps with the fishes thanks to M

Tuesday, 21 January

[12:00 PM] Nitros Oxide is playing the numbers game, taking out James Parsons (4554551N)
[15:00 PM] Margrave Zephyr slices up Bhargav Srinivasan (The great Gav)

Wednesday, 22 January

[09:50 AM] Long live the Republic, MP executes Ben Morley (Hilman Husky, the Young Empress)
[12:02 PM] The ides of March: Sidney Frost stabs Molly O'Connor (Sicarius)
[15:00 PM] Pen instead of sword: Earl Grey leaves a note for Purple Turtle
[15:10 PM] Hugh Jarse does the kings bidding, killing Sarah Sheard (glaukopis)
[20:36 PM] Tristan Roberts (Hengist) is ambushed by Sombra

Thursday, 23 January

[13:00 PM] Ace aces it, taking out Andrew Raison (Hugh Jarse) and Michael French (King Mickey)
[20:00 PM] Long days work pays off as Fletcher Rylands finds and kills Alexander John Horne (Honey Badger)

Friday, 24 January

[10:00 AM] The season is over for Nicola Papastavrou Brooks (Mycroft), Tarquinius Superbus makes sure of that
[11:00 AM] An Innocent Passerby goes looking for Margrave Zephyr, finds nothing
[14:40 PM] Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock did not appreciate the books, so she killed Toby Crisford (Dr Zeus)
[15:00 PM] Stanislav Fort tries to use illegal weapon, goes WANTED
[16:30 PM] Atlas sends the world crashing in on Sam Twist (Mr Smith)
[17:00 PM] EktaDidge wanders around with no success
[18:30 PM] Sellenia cannot find any victims
[18:45 PM] Inhuman Muffin finds no human targets
[19:00 PM] Mr Snrub kills Yu She (Shrub), but manages to go WANTED
[20:00 PM] Assassino! Assassino! uses an illegal weapon and becomes WANTED
[22:40 PM] Sellenia gets lucky the second time around
[22:50 PM] Mysteerious is mysteriously gone, Cheesey Ostrich finds nothing
[22:55 PM] Purple Turtle goes WANTED for killing a civilian
[22:59 PM] Tank Engine catches Isar Bhattacharjee (Robin Ood (prince of thieves)) gun in hand and dispaches him
[23:17 PM] The Fool gets it right and kills James Robbs (Chungting with a gun ting)
[23:25 PM] Death Valet lives up to his name, killing Vidur Mehta (Vid) (Vpolyrro)

Saturday, 25 January

[10:55 AM] Josh McQuail (Watcher in the Water) sees no more, Tarquinius Superbus made sure of that
[13:00 PM] The friends of The Doctor set out to hunt down the incompetent. James Brotherston (Duck, Duck, Duck, Gauss), James Harry Brett (Enkvir), Jonathan Michael Foonlan Tsang (Jonny) (The Siberian Stabber) and Yinglun Teng (Alex the Average) are apprehended
[19:35 PM] Benjamin Redwood (Maverick McGavin, Admiral of The Cambridge Student) goes down with his ship, while Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock is making the headlines
[20:55 PM] Louis Colquhoun (Inhuman Muffin) is squashed under the wheels of Nitros Oxide

Sunday, 26 January

[13:00 PM] Swanson is in on wrong level, he can't find Dante
[15:00 PM] Silent Sniper turns an attack by Swanson into a hostage situation
[19:30 PM] Cheesey Ostrich get's its head out of the sand and kills Madeleine Steer (Maddie) (Mysteerious)
[21:00 PM] Mad Jack kills dad Zack Hassan (Venom)
[21:30 PM] Amy Pond gets stabbed by Purple Turtle

Monday, 27 January

[10:00 AM] Jenny Flint looks for Sicarius but finds a different corpse
[13:00 PM] Jenny Flint gets her clothes bloody again, killing Konstantinos 'Kostas' Kyriakopoulos (Sicarius)
[14:00 PM] Earl Grey goes shopping: Milk, sugar and the head of John Fenton (known as Jamie) (The Preacher Casy)
[16:30 PM] Ace abolishes the monarchy, killing David Lawrence (Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock)
[20:00 PM] Julianne Joswiak (Mrs Smith) and Kamile Rastenyte (Sellenia) have left the game
[21:00 PM] Gwen Cooper and Amy Pond go looking for Tarquinius Superbus - no sucess
[22:00 PM] The Valeyard investigates...

Tuesday, 28 January

[08:45 AM] Sombra stabs the already dead The Siberian Stabber
[09:00 AM] The Haunter becomes the haunted and the WANTED
[11:00 AM] Wilfred Mott goes Arnold on Josh McQuail (Isar)
[18:00 PM] Swanson recovers his penguin from the cold dead hands of Sarah Assaf (Silent Sniper)
[18:30 PM] Nitros Oxide only finds the wreck of Maverick McGavin, Admiral of The Cambridge Student and no Mary Watson
[19:00 PM] little fella is growing up, killing Andrew Harland (nickname: Harland) (Tiberius II)
[21:00 PM] Tarquinius Superbus shoots Harriet Meredith (Merridew)

Wednesday, 29 January

[10:00 AM] Madame Vastra brings the criminal Stanislav Fort (Tarquinius Superbus)
[12:00 PM] Margrave Zephyr tries camping and fails
[18:00 PM] A double means trouble! Heather Britton kills the wrong man and goes WANTED

Thursday, 30 January

[01:00 AM] The circle of life has ended for Eleanor Colville (Moriarty) as she got killed by Tank Engine in Cindies
[18:00 PM] Augustin Zidek (The dead child) lives up to his name with the help of a little fella

Friday, 31 January

[10:00 AM] Mad Jack starts the road to redemption by killing Kiara de Kremer (Krem-Fresh)
[13:00 PM] The show is over for Joe Tomkinson (The Fool). Earl Grey lowers the curtain
[13:30 PM] Mystery surrounding the death of Michael Painter (MP). Is The Silence involved?
[23:00 PM] Itchy trigger finger at 'Itchy Feet' proves fatal for Tom Flynn (Swanson) as his attempt on Purple Turtle gets him killed by Cheesey Ostrich

Saturday, 1 February

[15:00 PM] A lack of Earl Grey spoils Margrave Zephyrs attempt
[20:00 PM] Jenny Flint shows why she loves justice killing the criminal Max Baxter-Allen (Mr Snrub)

Sunday, 2 February

[14:15 PM] Thargo Hoath can't even find the corspe of Krem-Fresh
[15:00 PM] M lacks in gunhandling and goes WANTED
[16:00 PM] The Valeyard gets lost in time and space

Monday, 3 February

[17:00 PM] A little fella beats The Valeyard to the scalp of Sam Garratt (Assassino! Assassino!)

Tuesday, 4 February

[12:00 PM] Margrave Zephyr collects the bounty on the Katherine Macfarland (Haunter)
[13:30 PM] Ace asks questions first and shoots thereafter Charlie (Charles) Barker (Yassen)
[22:00 PM] Amy Pond tries to get revenge on Purple Turtle
[23:00 PM] Tim Pearson (Abracadeadbro) killed: Gwen Cooper, in the JCR, with the candlestick

Wednesday, 5 February

[14:00 PM] The Valeyard strikes out again, does it even know how to kill?
[16:00 PM] Ood Sigma, Amy Pond and Wilfred Mott join forces, but no blood is shed

Thursday, 6 February

[10:10 AM] Mordecai Paechter (Mo) (Sidney Frost) goes out with bang, courtesy of Sombra
[13:00 PM] Is magic keeping Abracadeadbro alive? No, Madame Vastra reveals a dead magician

Friday, 7 February

[17:40 PM] Jenny Flint clears out the neighbourhood, dispaching Leo Cairns (Death Valet)
[18:00 PM] little fella walks in the wake of the destruction, only the corpses are left
[23:00 PM] The Cheesey Ostrich has its head in the sand and its knife in Heather Britton (Mad Jack)

Saturday, 8 February

[10:00 AM] Unsolved mystery surrounding The Silence
[19:00 PM] Ancient forces clash and Douglas Hall (The Valeyard) and Matthew Fitch (The Silence) fall in the battle and so does Adam Beaumont (An Innocent Passerby)
[19:15 PM] The first confirmed death due to supervision work: Filip Masic (EktaDidge) is the victim of Nitros Oxide
[20:00 PM] Romaric Masson (Will Ritaly-Eight) leaves the active assassins and is welcomed by the police

Tuesday, 11 February

[14:00 PM] Earl Grey seems to be confused by the train schedules missing the Tank Engine

Wednesday, 12 February

[17:55 PM] Charlotte Furniss-Roes (Mary Watson) last meal is denied by little fella

Saturday, 15 February

[16:00 PM] little fella puth a thtop to Benjamin Weber (Thargo Hoath)

Sunday, 16 February

[13:15 PM] End of the Line for Tom Zhang (Tank Engine) in the race against Nitros Oxide

Tuesday, 18 February

[14:00 PM] Ioannis Sarigiannidis (Paige the Perplexed) and William Eamon Callison (Eamon) (Dante) thunderbolted

Wednesday, 19 February

[15:00 PM] Cheesey Ostrich changes the weather report, no more Patrick Stevens (Stormbringer)

Thursday, 20 February

[10:00 AM] The War Doctor hunts down and kills criminal Daniel (Danny) Hunt (Purple Turtle)
[15:00 PM] No one in when little fella comes around

Saturday, 22 February

[20:00 PM] Margrave Zephyr is worlds away, so no race for Nitros Oxide

Monday, 24 February

[15:00 PM] little fella adds another notch with Lewis Parker (Fedorphinn)

Thursday, 27 February

[18:00 PM] Live by the race, die by the race as Margrave Zephyr defeats Tom Ruddle (Nitros Oxide)

Monday, 3 March

[18:00 PM] The Valiant strikes under command of Brig. Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and engages Oliver Wallen (Atlas) with lethal outcome

Thursday, 6 March

[14:00 PM] Exterminate! The umpirical dalek thunderbolts Alexander Chong Kwan (Ace), Mumdood Passa (M), Rory Bolsover (Earl Grey) and Thomas Bemment (Sombra)

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