Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 3 News

Saturday, 1 February

[15:00 PM] A lack of Earl Grey spoils Margrave Zephyrs attempt

[20:00 PM] Jenny Flint shows why she loves justice killing the criminal Max Baxter-Allen (Mr Snrub)
Jenny Flint reports:

Heard talk in some very shady areas about a gathering taking place last night. Some sort of sun-cult or sect from Ribos holding a very solemn, sinister, secret symposium - just the sort of place I reckoned you might find Mr Snrub, who the Doctor told us to watch out for a few days back.

Madame Vastra and I agreed to spread out and watch for his approach, but he must've slipped past her somehow, as I saw him marching towards a very well-protected meeting spot apparently unscathed at just the time the Doctor had suggested he might be there - I suppose time travel has its benefits. He didn't stay unscathed for long, though. The noises of terror he made as I intercepted and stabbed him suggest that maybe death is not the end for those of the sun-cult of Ribos - maybe something much worse follows...

Apologies for the lateness of this report, by the way. Turns out a completely unconnected group who are definitely not a sun-cult from Ribos hold a great party from time to time. And I've always thought sunrises are best viewed with a backdrop of ominous chanting...

Jenny Flint

Sunday, 2 February

[14:15 PM] Thargo Hoath can't even find the corspe of Krem-Fresh
Thargo Hoath reports:

I realithed it wath time to act, ath I could not hide from the omnithient intent on thutting down Hilman'th game forether. I inthpected the litht, and concluded that Krem-Fresh might know thomething more about the game. Altho, if I thlaughtered her it might puth thuthpithon about my partithipathon in Hilman'th game away. I conthealed a knife and Throngarm on my perthon, and thet off.

After throlling for a while, I reached the compound. Thome fool had left the gate unlocked. I dethided to dedicate my interrogathon and kill to the god of foolth, in the hope they might thend more down to unwittingly athitht me. I thwiftly located my target'th home, but thomeone with thtrategy in mind dethigned the entranthe. There wath no thafe plathe to duck into ath the door opened, and I would almotht thertainly be thot if I knocked. The door wath altho dethigned to lock whenether thut. I retreated to a nearby thtaircathe to conthider opthonth. Then I notithed the unlocked computer room with a full view of the outer entranthe of the target locathon. I entered, and protheeded to look up number theory to avert thuthpithonth ath to my prethenthe.

[15:00 PM] M lacks in gunhandling and goes WANTED

[16:00 PM] The Valeyard gets lost in time and space
The Valeyard reports:

With my newly acquired TARDIS I headed for what is left of Arcadia in search of one of Rassilon's key people there. I like this new model, it has a...broader perspective - it understands what must be done to save our people and restore them to the glory that is our right - my old one was burdened with so many petty doubts and empty codes of honour.
A few questions in the right places allowed me to locate my target, but something was wrong. Arcadia's distance from the Capitol should have given him a false sense of security - out there the survivors are still regrouping and the struggle for power has yet to begin - but his compound was secure and I was unable to enter. He was warned, he must have been. Which can mean only one thing - Rassilon knows that he's not just contending with the military, but that someone else is acting against him. With luck he will mistakenly assume the Doctor's influence, but that is not an error I can rely on for long. In a few weeks he may be in a position to regain control from the General; things are starting to unravel and something needs to be done quickly.
A visit to the Capitol Spire confirms that accessing the chambers of the High Council is not an option. Which leaves only my second option: the General must die. His assassination at this moment, with the military feeling abandoned by their Lord President, I have no doubt will result in open civil war. I have no wish to further deplete our forces and weapons in pointless conflict, but if I am to lead the Time Lords, then the military must be made to remove Rassilon and clear my way.

The Valeyard,
Court Prosecutor by appointment of The High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey

Monday, 3 February

[17:00 PM] A little fella beats The Valeyard to the scalp of Sam Garratt (Assassino! Assassino!)
little fella reports:

It has been 10 days now since a landmine was planted in my room but only today did I have the epiphany that I cannot allow for that to happen again: I do not want to see any of my beloved neighbours blow up and I am sure they feel the same way about me. I decided to go straight to my oppressor's room and, as I thought back then, "kill him, whatever the cost may be". Happily, it was not very high, as after I managed to get into his staircase and knocked on his door, he said "Come in" and then came to let me in himself. As soon as the door opened, I fired two warning shots... into his chest and quickly disappeared.

The Valeyard reports:

I paid an evening visit to the chambers of the Castellan today. He's one of Rassilon's most loyal servants, and additionally he trusts his learned court prosecutor. Which is why it was to be so easy to kill him.
A pity I suppose to eliminate someone who thinks me an ally and offers his support in return, but time is short and if the General is to die and civil war be brought about, the military must blame Rassilon. He knows it is someone else is attacking him, but the military do not, and if the Castellan dies shortly before the General it will look like Rassilon taking revenge.
So it was I slipped into the Capitol Chancellory and headed to the Castellan's quarters. I was just in time to see him leaving in company for his evening meal. Being uninclined to confront his entire party I slipped away and attended to legitimate business I had within the capitol. Returning, I waited until the lights of his chambers come on before slipping in to his quarters, an ancient cerimonial blade, of the style that is only owned by old military types, in hand.
All seemed in order until I entered the foyer of the Castellan's chambers, only to find the Castellan himself lying dead in his hallway, his body still smoldering from the recent energy blast that had killed him outright and prevented his regeneration. I briefly considered running to the nearest chancellory guard post yelling "Assassino! Assassino!," but decided that without knowledge of the true situtation, I might be setting myself up to be framed. Instead I decided on discretion and slipped away into the night. So it seems another force is at play here, and I can think of only one aegis under which they might be working. The Doctor may claim to never carry a gun, but there are many who follow him that do...

The Valeyard,
Court Prosecutor by appointment of The High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey

Tuesday, 4 February

[12:00 PM] Margrave Zephyr collects the bounty on the Katherine Macfarland (Haunter)

[13:30 PM] Ace asks questions first and shoots thereafter Charlie (Charles) Barker (Yassen)
Ace reports:

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the late Charlie on my way back from lectures.
"Excuse me, are you Charlie Barker?"
"You were Charlie Barker"

[22:00 PM] Amy Pond tries to get revenge on Purple Turtle
Amy Pond reports:

I just can't get it out of my mind that I have been living next to such a notorious criminal, the man who nearly killed me, for so long, and yet all my attempts to stop him have failed. This guy is surprisingly difficult to get close to. He was there tonight though, drinking with friends, completely unarmed and unsuspecting, for once. I wanted to be subtle, so I only took my knife, hidden. He knows my face too well though, and he ran before I could reach him, as I found myself caught in the crowd of people between us. A witness on the street said he ran for his life to safety in another house. Yeah, go ahead and run. Don't worry, I'll be back, and I won't fail again.

A message to assassins and faithful police: This Valeyard guy is starting to look a bit worrying. And you know, a bit familiar too. Can't think who he reminds me of. But I'm definitely getting a bad feeling. We should keep an eye on him.

[23:00 PM] Tim Pearson (Abracadeadbro) killed: Gwen Cooper, in the JCR, with the candlestick
Gwen Cooper reports:

After a busy week, I'd been looking forward to a nice, relaxed night out celebrating a friend's birthday. I should have realised that with this job, you're never off duty. When a fellow assassin pointed out to me that a member of our party was incompetent I sprung, slightly drunkenly, into action: quickly dispatching him with a gunshot to the head. In my embarrassment at discovering that I'd been associating with incompetent assassins I may have been a little over-eager to attack but, hey, it got the job done. I'm glad it's not my job to get the blood stains out of the JCR carpet..

Wednesday, 5 February

[14:00 PM] The Valeyard strikes out again, does it even know how to kill?
The Valeyard reports:

On a hunch I went by the den of a man known as Death Valet. He's a shady type who brokers information and less-than-above-board matters in the lower levels of the Capitol; he's the type of useful person that no-one ever really trusts, but whom everyone turns to from time to time. Just the sort of person the Doctor or his allies might go to for information...
I visited this place about a third of a cycle ago, just before the war came to Gallifrey itself. Rassilon had taken exception to those apathetic to his war effort and wanted examples made, so I and a senior chancellory guard decided to take Death Valet in for prosecution and a forced regeneration. Last time we just walked in and took up positions to ambush him on his return, but this time he was much more alert. I tried to gain entry but was unsuccessful and some alarm system must have alerted my foe, for I believed I heard movement from within. In response I withdrew to a better position but he didn't seem inclided to come out and play, so I reluctantly decided not to push my luck with an alert target, a light loadout and no back-up.
His alerness however interests me. Why would he have reason to be on guard if he had not been dealing with a serious player like the Doctor, or was aware of his presence? More to the point how have the Doctor or his allies managed to return to Gallifrey so soon after we were sealed away?
At this stage I'm almost tempted to sit things out. Let the Doctor, the General and our glorious once-and-future-Lord-President fight it out. I'll be waiting...

The Valeyard,
Court Prosecutor by appointment of The High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey

[16:00 PM] Ood Sigma, Amy Pond and Wilfred Mott join forces, but no blood is shed
Amy Pond reports:

I set out this afternoon to hunt down some incompetent and wanted assassins, in the company of Ood Sigma and Wilfred Mott, trusted members of the police force. Unfortunately, we met with little success, finding the rooms of our various targets empty (although unlocked), guarded by possible accomplices, oddly surrounded by suspicious fellows, occupied only by their corpse and locked, respectively. It was a disappointing day - M would be dead if not for the fellows near his door preventing us from drawing our weapons, as would Fletcher Rylands, if he weren't already dead when we found him. I left my companions to continue the hunt without me, as I had things to do elsewhere, and I hope they found more success.

Ood Sigma reports:

I regret to inform you that M was found deceased before he could be brought to justice. Fletcher Rylands is careless enough to open his door if you knock. Unfortunately he was not brought to justice as I did not wish to alarm an innocent fellow. Various other criminals are still at large. Have a nice day.

Thursday, 6 February

[10:10 AM] Mordecai Paechter (Mo) (Sidney Frost) goes out with bang, courtesy of Sombra

[13:00 PM] Is magic keeping Abracadeadbro alive? No, Madame Vastra reveals a dead magician
Madame Vastra reports:

Investigating a string of murders, I tracked [Tim Pearson] to a laboratory on the edge of town. I found him outside but, when I aimed my gun at him he protested that he was dead already. Before I could question him further about the matter he disappeared. A quick search revealed a rather ripe corpse and a hologram projector. It seems the doctor's enemies are one step ahead of us. For now.

Friday, 7 February

[17:40 PM] Jenny Flint clears out the neighbourhood, dispaching Leo Cairns (Death Valet)
Jenny Flint reports:

It's important to make sure your own neighbourhood don't let standards slip. Case in point is the late Leo Cairns. Full marks for keeping a locked door and answering it with a weapon, but in these dangerous times, opening at all to anyone whose opening gambit is "I'm *random name,* I live in *random staircase*" is maybe not so wise.

[18:00 PM] little fella walks in the wake of the destruction, only the corpses are left

[23:00 PM] The Cheesey Ostrich has its head in the sand and its knife in Heather Britton (Mad Jack)
Mad Jack reports:

The day has come. I knew it was a risk going to the bar on such a busy night but I hold by my decision as I had a good time. However, dying did slightly ruin my evening - I was stabbed with in the torso by someone who I assume was a member of my college but I did not recognise whilst I was distracted by a game of table football. We won the football game, but sadly I have now left the assassins - until next time!

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