Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

Sorted by College

Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesKillsDeathsScore
Isaac LawtonFlindersJ9 Memorial CourtClareWater with carenone.014
Matthew FitchRandom StrategyE1, Wychfield, Trinity HallChurchillWater with carenone3153
Andrew HarlandmeetballRoom 6 House 37 Green StreetGonville & CaiusWater with carenone000
Ted LovedayNot sure about the pseudonym - what do w need it for? xx a.k.a Hapax4A Rose Crescent, Rm 19Gonville & CaiusNo waternone5223
Alicia DanksRhinoglottophiliaRoom 3/4, 9 Park StreetJesusWater with careOOB while conducting psychological experiments0014
Aiden ChanRahidenLibrary Court IV, Room 2JesusNo waternone000
Heather BrittonColonel MustardLibrary court, staircase 5, room 8JesusNo waterOut of bounds when queuing for May Balls1010
Jamie FentonJohn Grady ColeChapel Court 2 Room 2JesusWater with carenone01-5
Louise DaviesZer0Chapel Court 14 Room 9JesusNo Waternone000
Peter JordanGargoyleRoom 8; Spalding Hostel; Peas Hill RoadKing'sWater with carenone1047
Thomas RuddleTom NookRoom 1, 4 Pembroke StreetPembrokeNo WaterAllergic to polystyrene. OOB in any June Event queues and at the Veizla.6563
Alex FaircloughhiRoom 6, 1 Saint Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo waternone1010
Nastassia McAdamtassia101Room 12, 1 Saint Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo waternone000
Kamile RastenyteUnicornRoom 2, 7 Saint Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo waterPlease take care in my room, because the table with the computer is in front of the door. Also take care when I am in the kitchen, because I am a fan of large kitchen knifes, therefore I might injure myself due to shock of attack and believe me, blood stains are hard to wash.01-5
Katie WongTissue-himeDD 10QueensNo waterpiano, violin and lots of electronic equipment in room01-5
Kai WongGeoffP5QueensNo waternone136
Tom FlynnJay WrattenW7Queensfull waterout of bounds when doing any sort of Queens' JCR stuff218
Max Baxter-AllenLobotomobileRoom 5, 1A Sylvester RoadRobinsonFull waternone128
Taiyab TarvalaDoomsquare410 Blundell CourtSidney SussexNo waterBe creative with my assassination.000
James MooreWessex BoyS7 Garden CourtSidney SussexWater with caredo not hit my Laptop!1010
Antoinette DuplaykakapoRoom T13 Garden CourtSidney SussexWater with careBe careful of the laptop. I have a history of ruining laptops with water, let's not do that again. I am very scared of confrontation000
Benjamin WeberBambi's mumJ3 Sherlock Court, main siteSt Catharine'sNo waterTry not to scare me if I'm drunk1211
Curtis ReubensFoxfaceHobson 17St. Catharine'sNo waterOut of bounds from 12:30 to 2:00 on Friday 20th for Access work. OOB in any June Event queues.11790
Conrad AllisonY23 HobsonsSt. Catharine'sNo waternone000
Yu SheTwix44D St. Chad's, Grange RoadSt. Catharine'sNo waternone000
Souradip MookerjeeOscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise DiggsRoom I6, St Catharine's Island SiteSt Catharine'sNo waterCasual player020
Jack SwanboroughThe CarpenterG21 CrippsSt John'sFull waternone000
Sanil Roy25 Northampton StreetSt JohnsWater with carenone000
Emily RoomMorgothRoom 6, 10 Madingley RoadSt John'sWater with careMany housemates, some of them quite jumpy.3236
Thomas ClausenBaron Geddon6D Portugal StreetTrinityWater with careFrom 14 to 20 June I have a visitor, who is intending to provide some fire support. Please don't target us whilst wearing Black Tie.01-5
Christof EpaminondasDemosA11 Wolfson, Trinity CollegeTrinityFull waternone04-12
Alistair O'NeillMay-MurdererC1 Wolfson, Trinity CollegeTrinityNo waternone000
Douglas HallDr J. AngletonP1, Wolfson main siteWolfsonWater with carenone3244

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