Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 0 News

Tuesday, 27 January

[00:00 AM] Welcome to /bounty/

So since bounties have become quite popular this term, I think we need a separate place to put them. They will go here for now, which is not ideal but better than having them muddled in with reports.

Be creative, it doesn't have to be just particular targets. You can say make bounties for kills with particular weapons, or particular places, or at certain times or dressed in a certain way. Whatever comes to mind.

Here are the basic rules:
1. Only alive players can place bounties. If you die, I will remove the bounty from the list
2. Only name your bounty target, don't include their address
3. Try to avoid including your own name in bounty, as this can lead to anger other assassins (just ask Sam)
4. a player having a bounty does not make them a licit target

[00:00 AM] meta-bounties!

People seem hungry for blood, but willing to outsource it to others. Well be careful what you wish for, because placing bounties in the near future is a major gamble! I hereby add one box of jelly babies to the bounty of the next person who places a bounty, in exchange for the successful assassination of the stated target. However to make things interesting, I hereby place a bounty of a second box of jelly babies on the person who places the next bounty after that! So get bidding fast, or you could be up for auction!

[00:00 AM] Bounty on Dan Hunt

There can be only one Mafia in Cambridge! Team Rocket cannot be allowed to live - we therefore place a bounty on the head of their best, Dan Hunt - a bounty of 12 Ferrero Rocher to his killer!

All glory to Team Aqua!

[00:00 AM] someone doesn't like teamplay

I'd like to reward anyone killing a Team Plasma, Team Rocket or Team Aqua member with eight Ferrero Rocher, upon confirmation of death and allegiance.

[00:00 AM] rubs hands gleefully

I hear that there is murder in this town!
I hear that there is terror in the street!
I fear for every path that I walk down:
I fear for all the killing that I'll meet.

I know that there are mafias in the air,
I think: what can I do to stop all that?
I know the only way to make this fair
Is offering a prize of chocolate!

And so I pledge a bar of Green and Black's
For every Aqua who can kill a Rocket.
And also - to prevent their cruel attacks -
The opposite is true (in case they block it!).

So put the rival mafia to the sword:
Then I shall send your chocolate reward.

tldr summary: every Rocket Grunt who kills an Aqua Grunt gets a bar of Green and Black's chocolate. Every Aqua Grunt who kills a Rocket Grunt also gets a bar of Green and Black's chocolate.

[00:00 AM] bounty on Douglas Hall

im bored, can someone please kill douglas hall?

hes not that good, usually only shoots peoples arms etc. you can have 4 ferrerro rochers if you kill him. or 6 if the kill is particularly funny.

[00:00 AM] Green and Black's for the killer of Jacques Elliott

2 bars of Green and Black's chocolate to anyone who kills Jacques Elliott during the remainder of The Game (i.e. not the duel). Available to players or police.

If a group of 3 or more people go out and kill Jacques Elliott, I will increase the bounty reward to 4 chocolate bars.

moratus ergo moriturus

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