Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 0 News

Friday, 16 October

[00:00 AM] Snow White would like to help people share some chocolate love!

Well, would you look at that, it looks like some lovely people have asked if they can give other people rewards! How nice is that! Well, I'll just keep this page here so you can all see what you have to do to get the lovely treats! *girly giggle*

Ahem, anyway. Here's how bounties work. If you wish to place a bounty, email me. It's your responsibility to pay the claimant later. Bounties can be placed on pseudonyms or for specific accomplishments, or both. If in doubt, email anyway - if it's not ok for some reason, I'll tell you. Bounties cannot be placed on a person's name.

Bounties do not change licitness of targets! A bounty on X does not make X a licit target for you. Killing X if X is not your target (or otherwise licit for you, e.g. Incompetent) will make you Wanted. The bounty-placer can decide on whether or not to award for an illicit kill. Repeated bounty-farming of illicit targets may get a player disqualified - it's not all about the prizes...

When a bounty target is met, I'll announce it here (so people know that the bounty is done already), and email the bounty-placer to inform them.

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