Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Fairest Of Them All, Plus ScarsSnow WhiteMichael's 12St. Catharine'sNo Water
[L] Ascendant AshThis Is Getting RidonkulousJames 3St Catharine'sNo WaterA little bird informs the Umpire that James' room is often unlocked. Happy hunting.
Lord of MoriaDocTwm 3, 70 Jesus LaneChrist'sNo Water
Duke Under The MountainThorin OakenshieldThe Dukedukecharles@gmail.comBlanket Out-of-Bounds At Home and WorkFormerly of JesusNo WaterI am a Real Person, please do not approach my workplace, this could cause problems for both of us. My house is also out of bounds. (Umpire's notes: You don't come for The Duke. The Duke comes for you.)
Distinguished DiggerDopeyAndrew 16, but can commonly be found at Bull 22St Catharine'sNo WaterDon't shoot resident of Bull 22
Distinguished DiggerGeneric Dwarf Horde Member DDominic Fitzwilliam Street, Room 3PeterhouseWater With Care
[D] Distinguished DiggerKronickChristopher Whewells CourtTrinityNo Water
[D] Distinguished DiggerKlumsiAlexis de Hostel C17TrinityNo Water
Distinguished DiggerJudge BreadJosh Court B17TrinityWater With CareAvoid various paper in room if using water.
Pickaxe ProfessionalGeneric Dwarf Horde Member BAndrew Fitzwilliam Street, Room 7PeterhouseNo Water
Pickaxe ProfessionalGeneric Dwarf Horde Member FHanna Fitzwilliam Street, Room 8PeterhouseNo Water
Pickaxe ProfessionalFurious GeorgeGrayson WaterPlease do not approach room.
Pickaxe ProfessionalGeneric Dwarf Horde Member GJames Fitzwilliam Street, Room 6PeterhouseWater With Care
Pickaxe ProfessionalCheery LittlebottomDanielle WaterHouse is OoB. That includes lurking.
Pickaxe ProfessionalGeneric Dwarf Horde Member EJonathan 3, 16 Fitzwilliam StreetPeterhouseWater With Care
Pickaxe ProfessionalGeneric Dwarf Horde Member CDuncan Fitzwilliam Street, Room 5PeterhouseNo Water
[D] Pickaxe ProfessionalSleepyClara, Cripp'sSt John'sNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherCaptain Carrot IronfounderssonJoseph Jesus Lane, Room 4JesusNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherstillscarLauren I, 7aClareNo WaterI live in a shared ensuite.
[L] Resurrected RocksmasherShirley you can't be seriousHani Wolfson BuildingTrinityWater With CareAvoid the obvious electrical items.
Resurrected RocksmasherJusticeDaniel 6EChurchillNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherHugh GrantJuliet D19TrinityNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherDahomeyElise F01, Avery Court, Central SiteTrinity HallWater With Care
Resurrected RocksmasherAgrajagDimitrije Boar I6TrinityNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherJamesSimon James G13 Stephen Hawking BuildingGonville and CaiusNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherScottydogJames South Court M4.7EmmanuelNo WaterAccommodation is brand new. No Water in whole building. Umpire's addition - minimise disruption please, and remember to abandon an attack if you're going to cause trouble. Don't get the Guild banned from Emmanuel!
Resurrected RocksmasherLou SolversonNakul St Michael's CourtGonville and CaiusNo Water
[L] Resurrected RocksmasherThe Mace of SpadesBen, New CourtPembrokeNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherA slightly dubious appleJonathan, Catz main siteSt Catharine'sNo WaterI live in a shared set, and if I'm in St. John ambulance uniform I'm Out of Bounds.
Resurrected RocksmasherHiro ProtagonistJared D5TrinityNo Water
Resurrected RocksmasherThe small, suspicious-looking lemon pie sitting in the corner of the room, which Snow White has undoubtedly baked using the suspicious looking lemon because she's a moronic fairytale princess and they always are domestic goddessesMikaela Hostel, C7TrinityNo WaterPlease, please, please don't stab my girlfriend.
[L] CanaryNot So SneakyTom'No WaterI live in a house in Arbury. Please do not come to my house. You can find me in the CMS (maths building) most of the day on weekdays, and in your nightmares.
[L] CanaryDwarf Corpse 5Ben Catharine'sNo WaterI have a bad habit of lingering around the college bar in the evenings
[L] CanaryMulch DiggumsFrederick, Wilson CourtFitzwilliamNo WaterI am a committee member for a society, and may be required to set up/set down pre/post meetings. Out of Bounds please whilst in the building (not just the room) where the meeting takes place. Umpire's addition - reminder that society meetings in general are OoB, as are people carrying kit or equipment to/from meetings. And always avoid disruption to the public. Kill him outside the building, please.
[L] CanaryGunilla GoodmountainRuby 26, Flat 6, University Court, 170a Lincoln Rd, PeterboroughARUNo WaterOften at ARU. If dedicated enough to go to Peterborough, please don't kill my roommates.

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Fairest Of Them AllSnow WhiteMichael FrenchSt. Catharine's
Diamond DocDocTwm StoneChrist's
Diamond DocDocTwm StoneChrist's
Carbide CommanderDocTwm StoneChrist's
[L] Subterranean SuperstarGeneric Dwarf Horde Member AMichael WarmanPeterhouse
Pickaxe ProfessionalSneakyTom FlynnQueens'
[L] Pickaxe ProfessionalGunilla GoodmountainRuby TuplingARU
Resurrected RocksmasherFunkyJames BrotherstonSt Catharine's
Resurrected RocksmasherFaquarlFrederick BrewerFitzwilliam
[D] Resurrected RocksmasherHiro ProtagonistJared JeyaretnamTrinity
[D] Resurrected RocksmasherGotrek GurnissonChristopher MartinEmmanuel
Resurrected RocksmasherThe Inevitable DemiseCurtis James ReubensSt Catharine's
[D] Resurrected RocksmasherA slightly dubious appleJonathan PhillipsSt Catharine's
[D] Resurrected RocksmasherThe small, suspicious-looking lemon pie sitting in the corner of the room, which Snow White has undoubtedly baked using the suspicious looking lemon because she's a moronic fairytale princess and they always are domestic goddessesMikaela BelcherTrinity
Resurrected RocksmasherTakagi KeijiZhixian DuanSelwyn
CanaryDefunkedJames BrotherstonSt Catharine's
CanaryTakagi KeijiZhixian DuanSelwyn
Crap CanaryFlonkedJames BrotherstonSt Catharine's
Canary FodderFaladonkadonkJames BrotherstonSt Catharine's
Bird SeedDonkedJames BrotherstonSt Catharine's

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
[D] Treacherous DogDocTwm StoneChrist'sMurdering a teammate in the police war. Also assassinating his own Umpire, conspiracy to treason, and many petty crimes.
Pickaxe ProfessionalPOLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD!!1!Ben WeberSt Catharine'sStabbed some innocents as part of a costume, decided to report it as assassins\' murder.
CanaryIt HappenedCurtis James ReubensSt Catharine'sKilled a police member. Because why not.
Sub-CanaryFlunkedJames BrotherstonSt Catharine'sAs a police member, killing someone for bearing not in self-defence.

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