Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

Sorted by College

Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesKillsDeathsScore
Freddie BrewerJaqen H'gharRoom M13FitzwilliamNo waternone2311
Michael FrenchWheatley53D, St Chad'sSt Catharine'sNo waternone2311145.5
Joshua de GromoboyThe Wrong TrousersCC18, Pembroke College, CB2 1RFPembrokeNo waternone01-5
Tom JamesNimrod, Son of CushCentral Site, Avery Court - G11Trinity HallNo waternone01-5
Twm Stone'); DROP TABLE Assassins;--Blyth 40Christ'sNo waternone203141.3
Alessandro Mariani9/11 TrutherKeynes 213King'sWater with carenone3612
Xiang HaoJack Hao2:10 New Court Christ'sChrist'sNo waterI don't give a crap.17-2
Michael WarmanMalicious WalrusR.10, 1 St. Peter's TerracePeterhouseWater with Carenone2118
Alexis de VivenotMan2oucheAngel Court C8TrinityNo waternone1015
Jonny PhilipsThat guy right behind youChad's Room 35ASt Catharine'sNo waterShared room. If I'm in St John's ambulance uniform (as I will be at some may balls etc) I'm out of bounds210-8
Andrew RaisonDr Doofenshmirtz53A at the St Chad's siteSt Catharine'sNo waterI have 4 flatmates11959
Samuel MackayStannis the MannisCC21Queen'sNo waterOoB in the Queens' May Ball Queue on the 16th of June4318
Peter JordanThe companion cube's evil twinRoom C10; Old Garden Hostel; West RoadKing'sNo waterMy accomodation building's a little tricky to get to without a King's C1 key, so I think it's only fair to announce that the gate leading to the building from West road is unlocked early in the morning and locked some time after 6pm.4617
Tom FlynnLemony NarratorRoom K17, Queens' CollegeQueen'sFull water(but please be sensible regarding water)16-16
Mikaela BelcherMoriartyC6 Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo waternone000
Joseph GregoryNatsu Dragoneel215 Blundell CourtSidney SussexNo waternone8264
Stanislav FortServius TulliusTrinity College, Blue Boar CourtTrinityNo waternone000
Sarah FlahertySarah FlahertyQ5, New Court, Pembroke CollegePembrokeNo waterWould like to be out of bounds while queuing for Pembroke May Ball on Wednesday000
Tom RuddleWolf O'DonnellThe Lylat SystemFormerly of PembrokeNo water[Casual Player] I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, STARFOX115
Anna TindallAngelicaK1, Memorial CourtClareNo waternone03-14
Chris MartinThe EndermanM12, South CourtEmmanuelNo waterWould prefer not to get soaked.8646
Douglas HallDr HorribleP1/H2 (I'm moving weekend of 13th/14th from former to latter)WolfsonWater with CareB-Flat and F-Sharp3226
Emily JonesLycaFlat 30, St Chad's (Out of Bounds)St Catharine'sNo water[Casual Player] Lives with umpire, so room and flat out of bounds.259
Tudor BalanCaptain BoomerangBenet Street, Room 21Corpus ChristiNo waternone000
Csaba KataiAgent 47King's College Market Hostel 109King'sNo waternone000
Fergus PowellThe Other Guy102 Blundell CourtSidney SussexWater with CarePlease be careful of my laptop if using water!25-1
Joe Bonham-CarterJoeA3, Garden Hostel, King's CollegeKing'sNo waternone03-13
The DukeThe DukeBlanket Out-Of-Bounds At Home and WorkFormerly of JesusNo water[Casual Player] I am a Real Person, please do not approach my workplace, this could cause problems for both of us. My house is also out of bounds.000
Basil WoodsUncreativeA16RobinsonWater with Carenone01-5
Collin F. PerkinsonPipFlat 7, St. Regis, Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 1BYClareWater with CareThis is my first game of Assassin, though I know about the game from my sister, who served as president of the MIT Assassin's Guild01-5
David CalinBlack MesaWolfson Building C5TrinityWater with Carenone02-10

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