Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Open Season

NameCollegeAddressWater StatusNotes
Freddie BrewerFitzwilliamRoom Y18, Wilson CourtNo WaterOOB please whilst in the music faculty building. (I don't have lectures there). Feel free to kill me the moment I step outside
Isobel SandsHomertonRoom 115, ABC Staircase. I am also to be found in the Engineering Department on Trumpington Road on weekdays.No WaterThose trying to kill me should know that the stairwell directly beside my door leads to a fire exit, and the College will take a dim view of anyone using it when there is not a fire alarm.
Christopher BowringTrinityB6 Whewells CourtNo Water
Joseph GregorySidney SussexDG17No Water
Alexander HardwickQueens'[redacted]No WaterThird year Classicist. As for Michaelmas term, my address is VERY real-world and blanket out-of-bounds, if you find it out. This includes inside the building, its immediate vicinity and the rooftop. Attempts on the way to and from my home address are obviously fine, but please be aware of Muggles in the vicinity.

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