Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Police who have succumbed....

RankReal NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeRedemption ConditionsNotes
CommanderBen Mortishire-SmithVimes2 Selwyn Gardens, Room 17PembrokeNo WaterLeading the insurgencyNot applicable.i am gud assasin Frequently on society business. Please don't think I'm being petty or underhanded by objecting if you kill me when I'm on it!
Special Lance-ConstableCora CunninghamGentleman's HeroismK122King'sNo WaterBetraying her college-mates, betraying the Umpire, but more fundamentally, betraying herself.Eh, nope.
Lance-ConstableRebecca Richmond-SmithVisit-the-ungodly-with-exploratory-pamphletsE5b New CourtSt John'sNo WaterLuring an unsuspecting policeman to his deathWhy would I do that?Please no water in room or immediate vicinity (including on staircase due to slippery flagstones, electronics and new carpet - sorry!). Live in shared set.
Lance-ConstableThomas CareyGentleman's HonestyM12, Friar's BuildingQueens'No WaterAt this late hour, betraying his comradesYou will be ended. Eventually.
Lance-ConstableAlina AntonovaMarquess Irene Ravener de RedbloodNew Court, C4St John'sWater With CareSlaying a loyal policemanNevar.I live in a shared set (larger room is mine). Avoid my desk, books and laptop with water.

Inevitably, this happens....

Gabriel CraddenEbenezer HassardUsing a projectile weapon in a no-projectile zone
David Agoston FarkasAxis CogsViolating an OOB zone
Edward CarrollBig SamGetting a housemate killed
Taketomo IsazawaWalter MildmayBreach of Rule 2.7
Joshua de GromoboyThe KnifeShooting an innocent

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