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This page is an introduction to Eliminate!, a game being run in the first part of Easter term 2005 by Adam Biltcliffe for the Cambridge University Assassins' Guild.

What is Eliminate!?

Eliminate! is a new Assassins game intended to get back to the roots of the game, with less emphasis on teamwork and intrigue than in the main Michaelmas and Lent games. If you like the idea of being a lone killer, working on your own initiative and without knowledge of who you can trust, this game is for you.

How is this going to work?

The Eliminate! rules have been modified considerably from the usual rules of the Assassins game. Most of these changes are intended to shift the focus back to trying to kill your own targets and to make it harder for people to make alliances. For example, in Eliminate!, you only have one target at a time. If that target is someone you've promised not to kill, your only option is to betray them, or hope they die before your attempt deadline arrives.

It's possible that some sufficiently resourceful players could still find ways to advantage themselves by working together in a limited way. However, this is somewhat against the spirit of Eliminate!, and players are encouraged not to do so.

I can't play this! There are too many assassins in my house/lectures/bed!

While this isn't a game about working together, it's true that many keen assassins know one another too well and see one another too regularly to have a hope of surviving if their friends were really out to get them. However, it's ok to agree to make certain areas or times off-limits (for example, agreeing not to kill one another in your shared house) — just remember that at some point you might need to kill them, and you don't want to have made it too difficult for yourself.

How are the Eliminate! rules different?

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