20.00, October 5th, pubmeet in the Sir Isaac Newton

All villagers are expected to attend an open Council meeting in the Old Inn. The quarantine of the villagers will begin at midnight, although you will still be out of bounds until you get home. The alien attack happens several hours previously, so you will be notified of your status at the pubmeet (to be confirmed by email immediately afterwards).

09:53, October 6th, The Innkeeper was killed (by The Lord of the Manor).

The body of Edward O'Cutter was discovered on Latham Lawn, in Trinity Hall, with a terrible blast wound in the back of the head. A Government spokesman commented that the death heightens suspicions of alien activity, and the quarantine enforcement has been tightened.

12:00, October 6th, The Lord of the Manor publically claimed responsibility for the killing.

In conversation with many reputable members of the community, Lord Caransay announced that he had killed Mr O'Cutter. The peer commented that the stress and suspicion caused by the quarantine was responsible, and that he is not himself infected. He cited past examples of his reactions to tension to justify this interpretation, but it remains to be seen what the other villagers believe.

18:00, October 6th, The Trout Farmer was killed (by The Lord of the Manor).

The body, once again with a blast wound in the back of the head, was found in the Trinity Hall porters' lodge. There was an exceptional quantity of blood smeared about the floor, as if the corpse had been moved a little.

10:20, October 7th, one of the sheep (Polly Meeks) was killed (by The Faith Healer).

The body, with a blast wound to the chest, was found outside Trinity Hall porters' lodge.

(It would appear that Ric was visiting Mike, and decided to kill a witness to this.)

21:31, October 7th, The Author was killed (by The Shopkeeper).

The body of John Wool, bachelor of this parish, was found sprawled just inside the door to the Castle Inn with a fatal orange pellet wound in the chest.

(First case of mistaken role? No, a werewolf kill.)

23:42, October 7th, The Shopkeeper publically claimed responsibility for the death of Mr Wool.

Mercutio Link confessed in front of a large crowd of witnesses that he had shot John in the pub, due to a combination of alcoholic disorientation and nervous tension.

01:30, October 8th, The Gamekeeper claimed to have brutally slaughtered The Postman's black dog (Ed Nokes).

Mr Jeffrey appeared disproportionally happy when announcing that he had killed the dog, which was found outside Jimmy's house with a crossbow in its mouth, a last savage grin on its face, and a hole right through its chest. The public reaction appeared less than horrified, perhaps an indication of opinion regarding the venerable canine.

(And he did it, too. Good for him.)

09:30, October 8th, The Gamekeeper was killed (by The Faith Healer).

The body of James Jeffrey, sprayed with some kind of liquid which had caused fatal wounds, was found just inside the back gate of Emmanuel this morning.

(The Mafia Rising).

13.00 until 19.00, October 7th and 10.00 until 16.00, October 8th, Freshers' Fair

The village could not stop its annual Harvest Festival celebrations for something as trivial as an attack by killer aliens.

Please volunteer to help with the assassins' stall for an hour or two, email rjw76. The Hall itself will be out of bounds, and anyone booked to help on a stall is out of bounds within 200m of Kelsey Kerridge. In other words, please don't hunt people when they're trying to help.

12:10, October 8th, The Shopkeeper was killed (by The Undertaker).

The corpse was found on the left hand pavement on Silver Street, with a single orange pellet wound in the back.

(Tom gets the wolfpelt.)

Morning, October 9th, The Reporter is extremely disappointed when nobody gets killed at work.

All the villagers survived their lectures this morning. Either the hostiles are nearly defeated, or they were very lazy.

17:04, October 9th, one of The Vicar's rabbits was killed.

The victim was found on the boundary to the house, with rubber bands lodged in vital parts of his anatomy. Mr Basington immediately contacted the community from the safety of his house, and it would appear that The Lord of the Manor came round to check the surroundings.

18:05, October 9th, one of the sheep (Chris Field) was killed (by 3/4 of the mafia).

The body was found on the way into Caius hall. This shortly proved to be the least of the excitement.

18:10, October 9th, The Bookkeeper was killed (by The Farmer and The Faith Healer).

The body was found, quite unnecessarily riddled with rubber bands, in a corridor adjoining hall.

18:15, October 9th, The Ichthyologist was killed (by double-killing with The Faith Healer).

A single bullet had pierced her heart. The body was found in a pile with that of her pet sheep and The Faith Healer, facing that of Mr Brag'n'Bury.

18:15, October 9th, The Faith Healer was killed

A single bullet had pierced his heart from the front. The body was found on the way into Caius, in a pile with that of The Ichthyologist and her sheep Ralph, facing that of Miss Warrington.

18:15, October 9th, two sheep (Ralph Owen and Simon Sprague) were killed, and the body of the black dog (Nokes) was mutilated

Probably not a good idea to eat Caius mutton dishes for a while. Simon and Nokes were in a pile about one metre from the other pile of corpses.

23:28, October 9th, a fluffy hamster (Matt Johnson) reported having seen The Lord of the Manor and The Farmer walking back to Trinity Hall together immediately after the carnage in Caius

According to Johnson, who is very intelligent for a hamster, arms deals had been taking place at some point with The Bookkeeper. Details were not clear at all, and are impossible to clarify due to the immediate demise of Johnson and his mate.

00:07, October 10th, two fluffy hamsters (Jen Curtis and Matt Johnson) were killed.

The unfortunate little creatures were found dead in the kitchen in F staircase, Trinity Hall. They had apparently been executed at point blank range with shots to the head.

(Who does it look like killed them?)

23:40, October 10th, one of The Farmer's sheep was brutally murdered.

The body was found in a toilet close to Ed Robert's room.

(The mafia got paranoid.)

21:05, October 11th, blasphemy committed

It would appear that a religious icon known as "Cthulu" was brutally attacked with a gun to the head at point-blank range. According to sources, that is not dead which does not die.

Morning, October 12th, interesting conversations take place

The village of Morgan's Vale has got so quiet that the main topic of conversation among townspeople was how they had allegedly been trying to kill one another. The Lord of the Manor claimed to have been lurking Miss Bane and Mr Osborne, while The Tree Surgeon claimed to have been lurking in the bathroom of The Farmer. Incidentally, he claims she was in the kitchen.

19:35, October 12th, yet more sheep killed

The corpses of three freshers were found, each with a single bullet hole in the head, just outside St Johns. It would appear they had been overheard talking about assassins by a merciless killer.

08:40, October 13th, The Vicar was killed (by The Lord of the Manor).

The body was collapsed facing a red phone box on the Market Square, with a bullet entry wound in the face.

12:00, October 13th, The Postman was killed (by The Undertaker).

Shots to arm and chest, on the stairs down to the Meeting Room of Pavilion A in the CMS. His own gun was stuck in his pocket.

13:55, October 13th, one of the swans (Hannah Burton) was killed.

The Lord of the Manor was extremely gleeful about claiming the pellet gun kill.

23:40ish, October 13th, a large pig (Jon Hogg) was killed.

The body was found in gardi's, with a single bullet in the head.

23:50, October 13th, The Lord of the Manor was killed (by The Tree Surgeon).

The body, slightly mutilated with a water weapon, was found between Trinity Hall and Gardi's.

(Edith helped.)

22:40, October 15th, the pet monkey belonging to The General and The Undertaker (Nick) was killed.

Riddled with bullets, the pet was lying in the shared house, having clearly made an attempt on its owners.

About 21:00, October 17th, The Tree Surgeon was killed (in a duel with The Undertaker).

Her body was found tangled in the alien birthing chamber on Lammasland, with a single bite mark to the neck. The Undertaker claimed public responsibility, and also mentioned how glad he was that there was one fewer hostile out there.

(Apparently the duel involved fluffy rabbits and took place on the spiderweb climbing frame on Lammasland. I wish I'd seen it.)

About 19:15, October 18th, The General had all limbs removed and was killed.

It would appear that The General had foolishly chosen an honourable sword duel with The Undertaker, and had lost both arms before being sliced into small pieces.

Alas, he was the last remaining non-mafioso.

Evening of October 18th, aliens take over planet.

The Undertaker and The Farmer, half the original four taken over by the alien parasites, sent their spores over all the Earth.


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