Cloak & Dagger Mafia IV - Out-of-Bounds Areas

Out-of-bounds areas:

There are some places and circumstances which, for reasons of sanity and safety, are considered out-of-bounds (OOB). No-one may kill anyone or be killed when they are out-of-bounds, which include the following:

Computer rooms are in bounds subject to the following restrictions:

A computer room is, in general, defined as a place where the public (or any clearly-defined group, e.g. members of a college) are permitted to use computers. Computer rooms which occupy a completely separate room inside a library count as computer rooms and so are in bounds outside office hours. Rooms which function as both computer rooms and libraries count as libraries.

A Player's room is usually only out-of-bounds for supervisions, society meetings and sports activities, as described above. If you believe your room should be made out-of-bounds for any other purpose, or are unsure as to its status, you should ask the Umpire.

Players should not abuse no-kill zones. You may not take a suspicious letter into a no-kill zone and open it in safety.

If you are not sure whether a given time or place is out of bounds or not, please contact the Umpire. Similarly, if there is something not mentioned on this list you think should be out-of-bounds, ask the Umpire to consider it.

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