Cloak & Dagger Mafia IV - Player Details

Roles and appointment details have been moved to the story page.

The good folk of the town:

Real NamePseudonymAddressNotesWater Status
Felicity BoyceBuckingham House Room 11, New Hall CollegeHated by the autoumpireNo Water
George DaviesC7 New Court, St John's CollegeNo Water

Those whose lives have been cruelly taken:

Real NamePseudonym
Adam BiltcliffeTania Lambourghini
Aidan RobisonThierry Morello
Charlotte Heron
Colin Love
Emma Pewsey
Gordon Ball
Han-Ley Tangmjg59
J Alexander D Atkins
Jacob Samuel Corteengay di 5%, risata ad alta voce di 95%
Janet Scott
Jennifer Helen Scott-ThompsonFrancesca Borgia
Joshua Guy Blanchard LewisEl Duche
Lauren GrestLoren Seno
Michael RichardsIl Massacratore
Michael WallaceProcione di Basic di Sainsbury
Paul David Morris
Philip Bielby
Richard Gibson
Robin MessageRagazza del Tasso
Rosemary Warner
Samuel Borin
Stephen Matthew McCann
Steven Shenton

See also: photos of those players who were not at the initial meeting.

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