Cloak & Dagger Visiting Dignitary Event 2005

Mission Briefing

As in the last two events, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to assassinate the foreign dignitary who will be visiting Cambridge on Sunday May 1st. To aid you in this task, we have provided some background information on her and her bodyguards, and their itinerary for the afternoon.

You may also wish to read the briefings for the first and second Visiting Dignitary events.

The Rules

Allowed weapons: Water weapons, except where otherwise stated. Rubber band guns, except where otherwise stated. (Firewheels may be OK; we are considering it.) Knives, including cuddly toys, etc. Email me (rjw76) if you want to use anything else or think there's an obvious category I've forgotten. Please be sensible and don't use anything likely to alarm people.

We've tried to organise this event to encourage ambushes between events rather than full-scale 20 person attacks on the events themselves. Be creative and imaginative in your attacks and there might be chocolate or equivalent other reward. Working in small groups of 2-3 is encouraged, or even as a lone assassin.

Bodyguards and the Dignitary will resurrect after five minutes or at the conclusion of any event or attack. Assassins will resurrect five minutes after the conclusion of any incident in which they are involved.

Background Information

Political machinations in the small South American republic of Corquidicolandia have settled down somewhat in recent years, starting with the reinstallation of El Generale Vagoysospechoso Noxiano-Bigotegrande as Dictator. However, the members of the Corquidicolandian Parliament, such as it is, are feeling increasingly disillusioned with their country's perceived status as a corrupt dictatorship.

The current political climate in the USA has finally kicked Corquidicolandia into action, and a resolution has been passed that it will take its first steps towards forming a democratic government. The long-serving government spokesman, Mateo Carretez, assures the world's press that the recent allegations made by the US that Corquidicolandia has WMD and knows how to use them has nothing to do with this, and "dem-oh-crat...what was it again... dem-oh-crat-ize-a-tion" is a natural progression for any civilised country to make.

General Vagoysospechoso Noxiano-Bigotegrande is "most upset" that during his last visit to the fair city of Cambridge, he suffered many assassination attempts. Therefore, he is sending his most trusted advisor and "personal assistant", Senorita Rosa-Maria Amapola, newly created Ambassador To The Rest Of The World, to Cambridge. He hopes that the many and varied charms of Amapola and her bodyguards will be enough to distract any would-be assassins.

Two years ago, the world first became aware of Corquidicolandia as it burst onto the world stage by upgrading from a banana republic to a carrot republic. On May 1st, Corquidicolandia will rise further to the heady heights of Carrot Democracy... unless Amapola is stopped. Her country is a menace to civilised society.

The Itinerary:

Amapola will head into town, starting at Jesus College at approximately 2pm. Then she will proceed to...

Trinity College , where at 2.15 she will formally rescind the declaration of war pronounced by El Generale Vagoysospechoso Noxiano-Bigotegraaaaande. Although Trinity still has more money than the entire country of La Republica Hereditario Abrebotellas di Corquidicolandia, the restrictions of democracy mean that such direct methods of confrontation are now unacceptable.

The constraints imposed by democracy and the new peace state mean, of course, that this event is strictly out of bounds for attackers. You'll just have to do what the rest of the world does: ambush on the way and keep it quiet...

The next stop is the Senate House at 2.25, a building which has caused much controversy. Amapola has been "requested" by El Generale that it becomes "very, very difficult" for him to have his precious honorary degree of Paranoia-Hardened Deathmaster taken from him again, so steps will be taken to make sure that this is impossible.

The Senate House event will also be out of bounds. In between Trinity and the Senate House, you are requested to use NON RANGED WEAPONS ONLY, ie knives. This does include carrots.

Amapola and her retinue will next head out to the Capitalist Money Society , also known of course as the CMS, for 2.55. El Generale has been assured by his long-serving aide, Mathieu de Garotte, that democracies are always willing to help each other out, and as such has requested a loan to aid his country's transition from a corrupt dictatorship to a "fully dem...oh...crat...ic member of the Free World". Amapola will most likely sign the papers outside the building as she, in her new role as ambassador, would not wish to damage international relations by alarming the good honest clerical workers inside.

However, democratic government in Corquidicolandia will not completely wipe out the old traditions, but seek to bring them in line with the modern world. Corquidicolandian intelligence has determined that any member of the university may keep a goat on University-owned grassland, and therefore on behalf of El Generale, the party will release a llama to be grazed on the grass in the centre of the Sidgwick Site at 3.30. The rumours that the members of Los Alamos will be returning to shoot its ears off the following evening are, of course, entirely unsubstantiated.

The party will then proceed to the Chemistry Department , where, in time honoured fashion, Amapola will surrender her small country's stocks of chemical weapons ( Dihydrogen Monoxide ) to a much larger and more powerful country, because obviously they know how to deal with them. This will be at 3.55.However, due to a small error in translation, she will be receiving some rice in compensation.

The final event will take place at the Reality Checkpoint , where at 4.15pm the treaty of Corquidicolandia's formal accession to the UN will be signed by Amapola and members of Los Alamos.

In keeping with tradition, to follow this historic event there will be battles, probably involving the surrendered stocks of DHMO. Depending on how busy the area is, they might be moved from Parker's Piece to somewhere quieter.

Los Alamos: some background

Los Alamos, also known as the Llama Hunters, are the elite bodyguard of La Republica Hereditario Abrebotellas di Corquidicolandia. Many of them also held positions of power in the government of the country and are jockeying for power in the new, entirely uncorrupt, democratic Parliament. New members of Los Alamos are chosen by the existing ones and recruited from all around the world, though with the arrival of democracy, the selection tests involving sharpshooting will no longer involve actual llamas. Photos will be available when we have been able to gather more information, ie when Rosemary has done more work...

The members of Los Alamos who will be accompanying Amapola to Cambridge, have, as befits a transparent and honest government, been announced in advance. The regime change two years ago following the ousting of El Generale Pelugoconsandalias Noxiano-Bigotegrande has meant that two officers from El Generale Vagoysospechoso's reign of peace and prosperity are back, and now in charge of Los Alamos. They are:

Raul Llama de la Maravilla:
Quiet and unobtrusive, de la Maravilla has a reputation for hiding in toilets, and a strong belief that defence is the best form of attack. On the other hand, when needed, he is very efficient at getting the job done as that way minimal work and effort are required.

Tomata Garnetti:
Garnetti was a renowned Italian female impersonator until he was caught by Amapola and the now-disgraced Juan Pablo Hoggoya l33tly haxx0ring government databases. He had a hand in Amapola's rise to power as ambassador, and found that this gave him a certain amount of... influence...

The third member of Los Alamos you might have the misfortune to meet is:

Machaquo Borracho:
Nicknamed the Drunken Monkey, and initiated into Los Alamos under the usurper Generale Pelugoconsandalias, he was allowed to stay in the force by Generale Vagoysospechoso on the grounds that he lacked the imagination to betray anyone. His outward appearance belies his ruthless efficiency and skill, and the few who have met him and survived will cite the enjoyment and enthusiasm he throws into killing people as the most disturbing part of their experience.

Two new members of Los Alamos will join the Corquidicolandian delegation on May 1st. They are:

JJ Wilkes Booth: Following the unfortunate but sadly necessary retirement of Padre Muchos Muchos-Miniones, Wilkes Booth has taken over the job of High Inquisitor. In this modern age, his role is to keep the members of Los Alamos in line and co-ordinate their actions. However his piercing gaze and collection of interesting... implements... hark back to a less civilised age. Take care to stay on his good side.

Thomas Wilkes Booth: Decadent, greedy and hedonistic, Thomas is the life and soul of any party, and the brother of JJ. Their different attitudes to life have often been a cause of internal strife in the family, but it is hoped they are willing to unite behind a common cause...