Cloak & Dagger

Lent 2008 Scrabble Minigame


This is an individual all v. all game. You acquire letters from killing other players and score points by playing said letters. The player with the most points at the end of the week is Scrabble Champion.

Everyone starts the game with two randomly-chosen letters. These form your ‘Stash’.
When you kill someone you receive a random letter. You may also steal random letters from their Stash depending on its size:
0-2 letters – none stolen
3-4 letters – steal 1
5-6 letters – steal 2
7 letters – steal 3
8+ letters – steal 4

N.B. In the case of two people simultaneously killing each other the stealing happens before the receipt of random letters. However, it’s still possible to make a net loss in a simultaneous kill, in which case we get to mock you.

If it’s the first time that someone has died in the game, their killer receives a double letter score tile.

If it’s your fist kill in the game, congratulations! You receive a double word score tile.

If you kill someone who has been alive continuously for 48-120 hours you get a double word score. If they’ve been alive for more than 120 hours continuously you get a triple word score.

Each day, the Umpire may give out upto one triple letter score for what he deems the best kill of the day.

At the end of each day the Umpire will give each Player an extra letter.

When you die, you will return to life after 4 hours.


At any time whilst you are alive you can make a Play. Each Player can make upto 2 Plays per day. This works just like Scrabble except that if you hold any multiple letter score or multiple word score tiles you play them yourself rather than them being part of the board.

Plays are made on a 25x25 blank grid, published on the website. In the same ways as per normal Scrabble. To make a Play you should email the Umpire ( with details of which of your letters and bonus tiles you wish to use and at what grid reference. It’s helpful if you include some alternative plays in case someone else has played there since the website’s board was last updated. If your Play doesn’t rely on any letters already on the board the Umpire will use his discretion to place it on the board.

You may place 1-7 letters in a Play. The Umpire’s decision as to allowable words is final.You can check if a word is valid at Word Checker


I have 10 letters. Simeon has 4 letters. On the third day of the game we kill each other. Simeon steals 4 of my Stash and I simultaneously steal 1 from his stash. We each receive a bonus letter. It happens to be the first time Simeon has died in the game so I get a double letter score and (because that means he hasn’t died in the past 48 hours) I also get a double word score. It’s not my first kill. Had it been I would receive another double word score

Simeon and I now both have 8 letters. I then decide to make a Play.

I play ZOOPHILE (across from square 5H), putting down 7 of the letters from my own stash and using one already on the board. I also play the double letter score under the Z and the double word score on one of the other letters. I score ((2*10)+1+1+3+4+1+1+1)*2 = 64 points.

Now I only have 1 letter left and no bonus tiles left to use so I am sad. :(


The board will be published on the website, together with Players' Names, Addresses and Scores. These should be updated fairly frequently throughout the game.
A list of kills will also be put up together with details of letters stolen.


The standard Weapons Rules will apply.


The standard Out-of-Bounds Areas apply.


Pre-arranged kills are not allowed. Suicide is not allowed.

Kills of innocents may result in the Umpire applying an appropriate points penalty.

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