Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: 2004 Varsity vs Durham

^Nightwing^ reporting with points from Dunkyb:


We miraculously all got to the station at about the same time, repacked a couple of bags so that weapons were suitably covered until we could get enough tape on them not to worry people. We went by train up to Peterborough, then grabbed some sugar and moved onto Durham, taping weapons, reading, highlighting the Aeneid and drawing flying slugs on our way.

Upon arrival we were confronted by Iskander looking, well let's face it, like an obvious assassin. We were driven to Gray (after a bit of a motorbike incident at very low speed on the ice) and then spent the evening drinking. Drinks included the supposed 'Beast' which was actually quite tasty and far from intimidating. Corkscrew was pretending to be more drunk than he was, at least until he became more drunk than he thought he was pretending to be, and generally became annoying to get to bed. It snowed alot all this time too, so we had some snowballing outside the bar, and when we got back to Guy's room I stole the nerf darts already loaded into the weapons he had lying around (only a few, sadly they had plenty more). We all went to sleep (and woke up to find Corkscrew dead, no wait, wrong game...).

Dunkyb - Whilst we were in the bar, The Cambridge assassins decided to try and negotiate that the Durhamites wouldnt use water weapons (we had a Storm, they had lots of CPSs). This led to the suggestion that they'll give up water weapons if we'll give up RBGs. Arguments ensuded. People were shouted at. Rank was pulled. Until final Guy and Myself shook hands and agreed: No Water or RBGs. Both sides left thinking the others were down to the bare minimum. Good job i packed the other 20 weapons i took up with me.


This was the day of battle itself, and it snowed alot overnight, several inches lay across the entire of Durham. We all woke early, some of us got a free breakfast, and then we met up and found a quiet cafe to sit in, spread out and distribute weapons, as well as get a good fry up. We didn't scare anyone, honest. At 10:30 their guild gathered and they phoned us with the information that two targets (Neil and Guy) were waiting in Gray and Van Thingy, and that they 'only had 15 or so people'. Outnumbered two to one, and nearly finishing breakfast, we thought we would make them wait, and went for a lovely long trek across the snowy hills in the most roundabout way of getting to Van Thingy ever seen before. Apparently by this stage, Durham had got bored and were about to watch Tintin. We split up into Dunkyb et freshers, and the rest of us, flanking each building in turn and trying not to shoot innocent people enjoying the snow. We got all the way up to the front door without incident, so wandered in and up to Guy's corridor. Suddenly nerf darts flew out of the doorway and straight into the wall opposite, I snuck right up to the door and peppered the corridor, taking down the first man for the day (some guy whose name we forgot). At this point Dunkyb et freshers were nowhere to be seen, so we thought best to retreat and regroup. However, Guy and his guards kept running around the place making us nervous enough to retreat the minute we saw the other team. This was the point where they made their way over to us, we decided what to do outside of the door, and then backed off to seek higher ground. Corkscrew was at the back, facing us, following us, Guy ran out and nerfed him, then ran back in, hence Corkscrew is a complete muppet, and our first casualty. They came out to collect ammunition, so we made out way round to a balcony where we took a few rifle shots at them (hitting one leg only). We then spotted Iskander and guards behind a doorway hiding like wusses with a rifle sticking out slightly, trying to shoot us. We couldn't get them though, and in between trying to avoid them, the people below the balcony, and Guy who came out of another doorway, we decided that backing off was a good idea. We were proved right when the entire guild turned up (having been called in as backup) and there were more than ten of them against the remaining six of us.

So we ran. Alot. We took cover behind walls and fences on the way, took a few pot shots to no effect and made them fire a few darts, but we basically ran. We got behind a building as they regrouped, and were a bit stuck. I spotted a stairway, and Chronos and I climbed onto a roof and prepared to snipe two who were coming round the corner to find where we were. We got one, the other ran off the minute the larger group spotted us. At this point we all got separated, and I don't know exactly what the others did, but Chronos and I got of the roof and ran into some brush. We ventured out, and wandered over to our earlier dropped cache of weapons and ammo. We reloaded and redistributed the weapons we wanted to carry, leaving behind a Wildfire. Then we crept round a building, only to hear the entire group of them conspiring (and instantly regretted the lack of wildfire...) but still we lined up our weapons with the gap they had to come out of, and shot the first figure to emerge. It was Dunkyb (dammit!), who bravely walked on unphased and beckoned Garath to follow him. We reloaded, enjoyed Garath spotting us, and then shot again as Guy emerged. He looked dismayed, and as if he was dead (to us, and at the time he thought so too). Apparently it only got his leg though (hmm...). Nonetheless, we *legged* it away again into the brush and waited. We then met the corpses collecting our cache and rearmed again and carefully circled the entire college twice, unable to find any of the Durhamites. We gave up and phoned in, only to find they had buggered off to have lunch. The only solution was to call a cease fire and get cheap union food :)!

Dunkyb - During this time JJ, Monkey and Myself were circling round Aidans. We headed into the centre to see if Nightwing and Chronos needed any help only to find multiple enemies on either side. We each took an entrance and Back to Back fought to the death. Shots rang out, JJ had killed, but had he died in the attempt? Monkey and I didnt know so continued to cover each other. I exchanged shots with Guy, the Durham Sniper Rifle and two guys with rifles removing several limbs. However this had no effect on them so they continued to fight unharmed. A rattle of shots burst out from behind me, Monkey and a Durhamite had killed each other, just as one of my rifle shots killed one of my attackers. Suddenly feeling a Barrage of Wildfire darts I died, only to be shot with thei sniper rifle, just to make sure.

We then went for some food. Managing to utterly ignore ^Nightwing^ and Chronos who were shooting at me, I persuaded JJ to join me in collecting our discarded bags.

^Nightwing^ - Afterwards, Chronos and I set off again after agreeing that their party would have to go to Gray, then move on to Van Thingy, setting off at a certain time. We laid in wait at Gray, but they were on the wrong side of the road. We ended up tracking them behind bushes until we were spotted, so splitting up again, Chronos took a good sniping position and I distracted them so that they would follow me. Running along I got to the start of the driveway, only to find the rest of their party waiting! I hid behind a wall, Chronos caught up and ended up nearby somehow, but I took my chance to shoot one that hadn't spotted me, resulting in pellets in his stomach and myself covered in nerf darts. We deemed it a mutual kill based on the lack of video replay for timing purposes. Just before this was decided though, I had a brief encounter with Iskander: 'Are you dead?' Me: *Click* 'Damn' *Reload* Isk: 'Are you dead!!?' Me: *Shot into his chest* 'Well if I'm not, you are'. He survived of course, due to my death, and this left Chronos standing in the middle of a snowy lawn, running out of weaponry and surrounded by six of them. It took a while, but he succumbed to Wildfire fire in the end, possibly getting Isk's foot on the way down.

Dunkyb - The rest of us went to find a nice pub with leather sofas and beer. And partook in both.

Final score: 6 Kills and a few limbs to us, 7 Kills to Durham. We were happy with this due to be heavily outnumbered :).

The evening then consisted of sitting in the union for ages then trekking round several college bars and eating pizza. I met people I thought I would never see again, and we all went to bed.


After getting up we went to the station. I don't know what happened then as I went for lunch and a tour with a friend, but I am sure it was fun! Home was achieved, eventually.

Dunkyb - The first game was suggested by Cambridge. Two teams of equal size and valour fighting it out on a high, windswept park between two respawn zones. Once a person died they rejoined the other team. People changed teams. Shots rang out. Druggies worried about the stuff they were taking. Finally only one person on the far team was left, we moved in and Chronos despatched him. Unfortunatly I died in the process, respawned and found myself rather outnumbered. After a short fight I was despatched and the second game started.

This was a Prisoner Game. One person from each Uni was held prisoner with a knife and a One Shot Pistol by the other team. They could only be killed if they tried to run or attacked a prison gaurd. I was left with my hands on my head, a knife in my pocket and a One shot in my shoulder holster. I had a rifle and a JD in the small of my back. Obviously Crazy Dave wasnt taking any chances. f the rules I dropped my arms to my chest to stop Dave from nicking my One Shot. Standing there with one hand on my pistol with my arms folded I Informed him that as I couldnt get the pistol out I couldnt hurt him. I think shot him through the holster and ran. Picking up my rifle on the way out to the escape zone I double-killed with the last surviving guard and Guy, being the only man left alive was able to make good his escape.


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