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Varsity 2008

Crucial Data

If you wish to play and have not been kept up to date by email, please read this page in full.


The visiting teams will be arriving on Friday night, and we will be meeting in the County Arms pub from 21:00, to await their arrival. Leeds will be arriving at about 22:00, and will be brought to the pub. Durham will probably arrive about midnight. We will then decamp to various cars and collect their stuff, and disappear off to the places they will be sleeping.

People intending to have visitors on their floors, it will be useful to have you at the County Arms slightly before midnight.

In the morning, people will need to deposit their guests in town for breakfast. The current suggestion is the Regal pub on Regent St (known to some as "spoons" or "weatherspoons") as a meeting point. You will not need to accompany your guests after this point.

The game will be starting at 12:45. I intend that the Cambridge people meet in a central location to plan the game start, from about 11:30 (although you can of course arrive later if you wish).

Saturday Main Game

Game Structure

Game Rules

General Rules

Resurrection / Respawns

Gaps between phases of the game are for people to get into position around the next set of objectives. It is NOT legitimate to engage the enemy during this period, or for players to camp the objectives waiting for the start of the phase. Players should wait until after the start time to launch their attack.

In addition to the Universal Respawns, there will be additional resurrection during the phases. Any dead player can return to the Avery pub, off Parker's Piece, and can then respawn half an hour after their time of death. Attacking people right outside this pub is not a legitimate tactic.



Any hit to any part of the body constitutes a kill. A hit with a water weapon is defined as spots of water constituting the total area of a 5p piece or above.

Any hit to a weapon will kill the user unless it was clear that the weapon was well away from the body and the shot would have killed otherwise. In case of disputes the default position is to be dead.

Out of Bounds

Additionally, the following areas are out of bounds:

Please note: It is not legal to use Out of Bounds areas for flanking attacks and manoeuvres.

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