The Assassins' Guild: AutoUmpire

The Assassins game in Cambridge is run using some custom built software to keep track of the game state, send out emails, generate the news and list pages, and so on. This software is licenced under the GNU Public Licence and both the source and compiled binaries are available here.

The software is written in Java, and at present you will need GCJ version 3.0 to compile it, although we are working on a Sun Java and GCJ 3.4 compatible version.

The CVS version is more up to date than the release here, runs on Sun Java, and in addition has several bugs fixed. Contact the maintainers for details.

You can contact the current maintainers by emailing


There are manual pages for the autoumpire here.



The latest release is version 0.3, codename flake.

For historical reasons documentation about the old software, written by Ed Nokes, can be found here.