Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: Michaelmas 2020 Events

This page details the event-based game with everything you need to know about how points work and how the game will work. Please also read the Main Rules, especially the COVID rules as they have significantly changed the game.

The main idea is that players will participate in events, following normal assassins' rules during those events and becoming Out of Bounds outside of those events. The events will be held outside, and social distancing will be observed. Players earn points by kills, assists and completing event objectives. The top players with the most points will make it into the Final Duel to determine a winner!


Time Agents. You work for the Agency to travel across different timelines and carrying out the agency's orders. But beware, competing agencies and their own agents are trying to disrupt the time line!

Points System

All assassins will be targets for all assassins. A list of participating players will be up on the website.

In general, unless stated otherwise, each kill grants 2 points and each assist grants 1 point. Completing event objectives grant additional points divided equally across party members. Smaller parties may find it more difficult and so will get more points per person.

Players do not gain a new pseudonym upon sign up (but will for every two kills).

Note: The points system and amount of points granted in each event is subject to change by the Umpires, especially if some loopholes grant unfair points. Since this is a system that has not been used for Assassins games for a very long while, there has been no playtesting of this system.

Instead of going wanted, killing innocents (people not playing the game) and getting your accomplices killed will lose you 2 points. Worse rules breaches can lose you more points.


Players can attend each event with two other assassins max (forming a party). Players can also form parties, break parties, change parties during the event. But the max party size of 3 applies in all cases. Multiple parties can work together but cannot travel together or "socialise" together. Remember, whenever a battle occurs between assassins or any assassins encounter, the maximum number of people that can partake is six. Please refer to the main rules.

Players do not have to keep the same party for each event, or during the event. The only consequence of partying up is objective points be divided amongst party members. Betraying and killing your party members also gives the same points for kills and assists. And if you kill your party members before the event objective has been achieved, then you will gain the points of that event divided amongst remaining party members. For example, if completing an objective gives 9 points, then in a party of three, each person gets 3 points. In a party of two, each person gets 4.5 points and in a solo party, you get 9 points. However, repeatedly killing party members for points farming is not in the spirit of the game and will be frowned upon and sanctions such as point deduction or disqualification can result. As with the main rules, a player cannot allow you to kill them (see Main Rules) or commit suicide.

Friendly fire is on. Accidentally killing your party members will result in their death (and you will still gain points).

The Events

We will aim to hold two events each week, with the potential for more if there are a lot of interest. Each event will be one of the following with exception of the Team Tournament Duel, which will be ongoing. If sign ups are particularly high, we may spread out people by holding two copies of each event at different times and allowing assassins to partake in only one of the copies.

Here is the list and a short description. Longer descriptions below!

Mission: Kill the President

One party, formed of the President and two bodyguards, follows a pre-established path (we aim for it to be around 30 mins of walking), resurrecting after each battle. Other party must ambush and attack, trying to kill the President.

Points Awarded:

In general, 2 points per kill and 1 point per assist for any other clashes between assassins

President party:

Attacking party:

The President's party resurrects after the battle concludes (either all assassins attacking dies, the president dies, or the assassins party runs away) and continues to play. The President's party MUST follow the pre-established path and be prepared to defend themselves.

Assassins (except bodyguards and President) only have one life, once they die, they do not earn any more points for this event. E.g.1: If a player in a team of two gets an assist on one of the body guards and then dies, then they only get the one point for the assist whilst they were still alive. The other player will get all the points from killing the Umpire as if they were a one person team. E.g.2: If a player kills their teammates before killing the Umpire, they also get the points as if they were a one person team. Plus the points from killing their teammates.

Before this event, players in teams of 3 can sign up to be the President party. No extra sign up is required for any attacking parties, just form parties of no more than 3 people and get ambushing! The pre-established route will be given to all assassins as well as the start time of the President's travels. An hour before the President travels, the game becomes live (although the President's party are OoB until their travels begin). This hour is so assassins can set up ambushes and potentially battle over good ambush locations and get up to other assassins shenanigans!

In summary

The Route has been received for Sunday 18/10/2020. President makes his move at 3pm. Game is live from 2pm.

Points of interest:

  1. La Republica Abrebotellas Hereditario de Corquidicolandia Airport (The University Library)
  2. Scholar's District (Sidgewick site)
  3. Corquidicolandia Women's Rights Headquaters (Newhnam College)
  4. Oil Export Centre (Shell)
  5. Llama Sanctuary (Lammas Land)
  6. Presidential Wildlife Preserve (Coe Fen)
  7. Presidential Office (Cambridge Hotel City)

Mission: Scout and Recon

A small number of flags are placed around Cambridge. Parties must acquire them and take them to different locations (taking photos of the object at that location (no requirement of any of the party members in the photo) to earn the points). But all locations are known to all assassins who may steal the flags for their own Scavenger Hunt. Currently the timeframe, number of points and the number of flags have yet to be decided.


  1. Four flags will begin at Christ's piece location (see map)
  2. Capture flags and take them to locations (A - I). Take photos of the flags at those locations to score points. 3 points per location photographed, divided amongst the number of people in your team. No person is needed in the photo (but you may want to for memories), and your photos won't be shared with anyone and will be deleted after the Umpires work out the points.
  3. When you have completed all 9 locations. You must take your flag back to point A and take another photo for an additional 3 points.
  4. If you DO NOT have a flag, you may capture someone else's flag. You can only do this if they drop it or if you kill the person carrying it. When you have a flag, you continue your own photo hunt. Your progress does not reset if you die.
  5. Dead players must travel either across the river, across the marked roads or into the Grand Arcade to instantly respawn. When crossing the river, the OoB and respawn point begins when you are on the furthest side of the river to the city centre. When crossing the marked roads, the OoB and respawn point starts when you step off the pavement nearest to the city centre. You must not lie about dead or alive status. Dead assassins must drop their flags or give it to their killer when it is safe to do so.
  6. When you have a flag. You may not stow it or hide it. If you hold it, it must be in one of your hands. It must be visible. The flag may not be a weapon. Flags must always remain in bounds. So flags cannot go indoors. A team can only have one flag at a time. You can form teams on the day during the event.
  7. 1 point for a kill, 0.5 point for assist

Flags' starting locations will be given to all players at the start of the event. Players must take the flags to different photo locations, this list is also given to all players, in any order. Parties without flags can try and kill and steal the flags from other parties. Each party's flag photo progress is unique, meaning if you capture a flag, you do not get the points for where the flag has already been photographed. You will only get points for your party's submission of photographs of the locations with the flag. If your party complete the list of locations, you must return the flag to its starting location and notify the Umpires, this will give additional completion points.

If your party loses your flag, you do not lose your progress. Getting another flag (be it the same or different flag), you can continue taking photos at locations you have not yet taken photos of yet. Remember to avoid physical contact and respect social distancing. You may not forcefully take a flag from another assassin. The only way to get their flag is if they drop it or if you kill them (dead assassins must drop the flag immediately).

Fun and wacky photos are encouraged! Even though it is not necessary to include any members of your party in the photos (just the flag would do), you might want to for treasured memories. The photos can be sent to the Umpires during or after the event and points will be allocated.

The locations:

  1. The Time Jump zone (Christ's Piece - Princess Diana Memorial) - Flags start and end point
  2. The T-rex burial site (The museum of zoology) 
  3. The homo-sapien birth place (The museum of anthropology)
  4. Gallimimus grassland (Parkers piece, next to that building)
  5. Passage between rock faces (Hobsons passage)
  6. Brachiosaurus feasting ground (red letterboxes in market square)
  7. Old rock that looks like Queens' (Queens' old gate)
  8. Grantasaurus sighting (Granta Place, outside University Centre)
  9. Old broken time machine (Corpus Clock)

But beware. Other agents will be looking to kill you and steal your flag. If you steal a flag, you continue your own photo hunt. Your progress will not reset if you die. Outside the bound area and inside the Grand Arcade, you can respawn and it is also Out of Bounds.

The bounding area and thus respawn area is

  1. The River (Cam) you must be on the far side of the river from the city centre to respawn
  2. The Roads - all roads that the red line marks on the map are out of bounds. The pavement closest to the city centre is in bounds, stepping into the road or crossing the road is out of bounds. When you are out of bounds here you may respawn
  3. The Foothills (the Grand Arcade)

Mission: Control Strategic Location

A small number of locations around the town act as Strategic Locations (SL). Parties must capture the locations by visiting them and battle defending parties if necessary. Points will be awarded to the party with the longest time held across all locations. The timeframe, number of locations and number of points for this event have yet to be decided.

Points Awarded:

Parties do not need to defend a location after they visit it, the location will remain under their control until another party captures the point. Parties can also split up and try and capture multiple locations, but the end points awarded will be split across party members. An undefended location can be captured by any party by walking to it. A defended location (if assassins are already present) requires the defending party to either abandon the point by leaving the area or die before the point can be captured.

When a point is captured, players must send a short report to the Umpires saying they have captured the point. The Umpires will keep a tab on when different locations are captured in order to calculate how much time the location has been under the control of one party. So, get those reports in on time! The Umpires will try their best to update which locations have been captured and by whom.

The locations:

  1. Lammas land tennis court, north west corner.
  2. Lammas land south (tree with red and yellow leaves)
  3. Sheep's green canoe club building south west corner.
  4. South of sheep's green, in the fork of the river. On a bush branch
  5. Centre of Coe Fen, on a large tree

In order to capture a location, you must be within 2 metres of the marked tree and there are no other agents within that 2 metre radius. When you do capture a location, please send in a report with subject 'captured point A'. No body text needed. The timestamp of the email and your CRSID will be used to calculate how much time you have held the location. You do not have to stay at the location to hold it, meaning you can leave and still earn points until someone else captures it.

Because of the fast respawn nature. You only get 1 point for a kill and 0.5 for an assist.

If you capture the location with someone else (if you're working together and not killing each other, it counts) then the points for holding the location will be divided equally amongst you.

Only the areas within the red lines are in bound. If you die, you respawn from 5 minutes from when you died. When you are about to respawn please inform everyone. You cannot lie about whether you are dead or alive if someone asks.

Mission: Plant and Defuse

The active player base is split into two teams, red or blue. Each team has a number of Spikes (think of them as bombs which explode, but for the public concerns, we will not be calling them bombs, but Spikes instead). The teams will be given flags representing the spikes. The teams must send parties to plant and defuse spikes to earn points.

Points Awarded:

Spikes are represented by flags. Each one will have a unique code which will be used in both planting and defusing.

Each team will have their own dedicated communication network (either a discord server or a google doc) and the team must decide where to place their spikes. Teams can send a party to plant spikes in select locations decided by the Umpires. When a spike is planted, the party must send the Umpires a short report with the code. Spikes take 30 minutes to explode after planting (this fuse time may be changed) and the opposing team must send a party to defuse the spike.

To defuse, the defusing party must send the code to the Umpires before the spikes explode. When the code is sent, the spike is successfully diffused.

Mission: Eliminate Eradicate Exterminate

Ongoing Team Tournament duel which requires a party of up to 3 assassins to sign up. Any players looking for a party can contact the Umpires who will help them find other assassins! This event is different in that, once you sign up as a party, you will not be able to change parties.

Each party will be matchmade with another party. The party leaders will be put in touch and they must organise a duel between the two parties at one of the Umpire approved duel locations. The winner of the duel continues along the tournament. The loser of the duel gets to play other teams who have lost to determine their ranking.

At the end of the tournament, the parties are ranked, and points are allocated according to rank.

If sufficient interest and not too many people require them, the Umpires will look into buying some disruptors or other simple ranged weaponry which new players/players without ranged weapons can borrow before doing their tournament duel.

Mission: Last One Standing

The top four assassins with the most points make it into the Final Duel. It will operate in the same style as previous years. Though a limit may be made on spectators. The winner of the Duel wins this term's game!

If there are multiple people tied or close in points at the end, the final duel may be turned into a tournament style with several four people duels. This is still under consideration.