Saturday, 17 June

[00:00] The Game Begins!
[01:11] LIGMA releases information on the location of 3 bonus tags.
[01:51] Parson's Farewell claims the first bonus tag, with the help of The Geud ~Man~ (Lark) of Ballangigh and an accomplice known as Fandango.
[06:15] Basil Exposition: Flight to Freedomland flees the country
[18:03] Big Chungus gets first blood, and Polus, aka Alex Yan is no more.
[22:43] Vendetta unlocks the secrets of the ancient reptilians and nabs a bonus tag.
[22:45] Vendetta murders Cloud People, aka Rokas Urbonas.
[23:55] Pingu and BulbousBicycle join arms to assimilate The Defect, aka Peter Jackson and Anzû, aka Alasdair Harrison.

Sunday, 18 June

[01:50] During a moment of temporal flux Mi, aka Amy Needham and Unidentified Walking Object, aka Sarp Hangisi both end up dead at the hands of each other.
[12:30] Bobbie Smackerman watches on as Robbie:) creeps up on Four Monkeys, Two Cacti and a Lizard, aka Emma Booth with a knife.
[13:10] Big Chungus delivers a hit on 99 in an OoB area, so nobody dies.
[13:37] The Defect tracks down Pingu and Corvo, but illegally discharges a firearm in a no-projectile zone (Spoons).
[14:00] The Defect unearths the final of the 3 initial bonus tags in the very grounds that their legend was born.
[16:51] Cloud People tries to take revenge on Vendetta, but they employ their lethal attack duck in an OoB area!
[17:45] Exactly 4 minutes after Cloud People, aka Rokas Urbonas leaves his society meeting, he is shot in the back by Unidentified lizardman.
[19:31] Vendetta mind-blasts Agraboyle Flubbermuffin, aka Shrey Patel and makes off with his DNA.
[20:58] Anzû skewers Pingu, aka Jack Hitchcock with a blade.

Monday, 19 June

[00:30] The Defect stumbles into, and out of, an ambush and sends a message by sniping BulbousBicycle, aka Filip Twarowski through an open window.
[16:00] Genocidal Hamburger pre-emptively eliminates the competition at the handover site, killing Polus, aka Alex Yan.
[16:05] An imposter masquerading as Skeld, aka Henry London waits at the DNA tag handover spot, but is swiftly executed by Genocidal Hamburger, who claims the tags for LIGMA!
[16:06] Four Monkeys, Two Cacti and a Lizard seizes the initiative, killing Genocidal Hamburger, aka Rohan Sidhu and stealing the tags!
[16:08] The imposter masquerading as Elon Zuckerberg, aka Jamie Davies turns up to the handover spot, and walks up to the corpse of Skeld, aka Henry London, oblivious to LIGMA agent Four Monkeys, Two Cacti and a Lizard right behind with a loaded gun!
[16:10] Meanwhile Robbie:) and Bobbie Smackerman have been watching the whole thing, and open fire upon Four Monkeys, Two Cacti and a Lizard, aka Emma Booth as she tries to leave!
[19:15] Dying Embers successfully desequences the genome of Fantomas, aka Lucas Beghein.

Tuesday, 20 June

[14:56] During a virtual training exercise for LIGMA agents, Vendetta wins 3 out of 3 rounds, and is awarded 3 tags.
[20:15] Vendetta is hungry for more tags, prising another from the dead hands of scp-7333, aka Maxwell Pettett

Wednesday, 21 June

[16:29] The platypus, aka Diyana Nikolova is oblivious to the wiles of Four Monkeys, Two Cacti and a Lizard and pays the price.
[20:00] LIGMA releases information on the location of 2 further bonus tags.
[20:04] Unidentified lizardman claims a bonus tag. Ceasar would be proud.

Thursday, 22 June

[21:00] Basil Exposition: Flight to Freedomland bends space and time to voyage beyond the stars to slaughter Bismuth, aka Charlie in Chicago, USA.

Friday, 23 June

[16:55] Dying Embers does a little trolling which ends with Vetinari, aka Kaitlin (Katie) Cox's death
[17:00] Anzû feels generous and donates The Defect their original tag
[21:30] An evil grin flashes across Parson's Farewell's face, before they betray the entire Cecil Sharpe Alliance and murder Chinese ~spy~ weather balloon, aka Skye Purchase, The Shrewsbury Lasses, aka Olivia Clapp and The Geud ~Man~ (Lark) of Ballangigh, aka Mia Gittens in the middle of games night!
[23:47] The Rapture, aka Caio Bezerra and Unidentified lizardman have one final dramatic showdown.

Saturday, 24 June

[10:30] Vendetta, aka Benjamin Syiek and Parson's Farewell, aka Jane Usher arrive at Magnus Prime
[10:35] Vendetta leaves Magnus Prime, alone.