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The Cambridge Assassins' Guild is a student run society which aims to engage players in a game of mock assassination across Cambridge in the spirit of fun and frivolity. It is in no way a society of actual assassins. (Apparently we have to clarify this...)

Games are usually run for the duration of the Michaelmas and Lent terms, with a special May Week game following exams. There are also socials and other events throughout the year to encourage players to meet up for some fun and games without threat of impending death.

The object of the game is to track down and eliminate the other players, while also staying alive yourself.
“Assassination” is carried out with a variety of harmless toys or fake weapons which range from pens labelled as ‘knife’ to water pistols and the popular Nerf weaponry.
Often people come up with more inventive and amusing ways to dispatch their targets.

To find out more, I suggest you read the FAQ, which acts as a general introduction to the game. After this, read the pocket rules for a fuller description of how to play and sign up. Reading the main rules is also a good idea. Reports of past games available in the archives may also give you some ideas of how to play and read the current game rules.

If you wish to be notified with details of games and events, please join the mailing list or email the Umpire to be added.
If you have any questions, please email and someone will be able to answer your query.

Lent 2019

The Umpire for this term is Andrew Browne of Wolfson College, who can be contacted using if anyone has any queries about rules/weapons/anything.

Lent 2019 Game:

The theme for this term is space travel. Think anything along the lines of Star Wars, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, and the millions of other sci-fi universes out there!

Liveplayer and Police signups are now open - if you'd like to sign up in either capacity, first make sure you've read the Pocket Rules and the Weaponry Rules at a minimum. (We also strongly recommend reading the Main Rules.) Then, to actually sign up to the game, email the Umpire with the information here. If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Umpire - they're here to help and to make sure the game's as much fun for everyone as possible.

The deadline for liveplayer sign-ups is 19:00 on the 25th of January

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