May Week Rules

These rules provide specific changes and addenda for the 2023 May Week game. All weaponry, accomplices, out of bounds rules etc are the same as in the main rules. All players will be licit targets to each other, and information on the players will be publicly visible on the website. It will not be possible to go Incompetent or Wanted, but the Umpires may place bounties on the heads of players who commit minor rule infractions. Major rule infractions (such as providing an incorrect address) will see Full Players eliminated.

The game will last exactly one week between 00:00am in the morning of Saturday 17th June and 00:00am of Saturday 24th June.


Players killed in this game will respawn in 4 hours. Whilst dead, you may not influence the game in any way (including spreading information), and you cannot be killed.

Casual vs Full Players

Players may sign up as either Full Players or Casual Players. There is a signup deadline for Full Players at 12:00pm on Friday 16th June, after which you may only sign up as a Casual Player.

Stealing Tags

The only way to steal tags is to kill another Full Player. When you do so, they must give you half of the tags that they own, rounded up. These dog tags act as points in the game: accumulate as many as possible!

If a Full Player is not carrying enough tags to hand over to their killer at the time of death (i.e. half of their total tags), then they are eliminated permanently (but may switch to being a Casual Player provided they eventually return the tags they owe). If there are extenuating circumstances then the Umpires may be lenient with this rule, and you should contact them immediately.

Bonus Tags

There will be opportunities for Full Players to earn extra dog tags through various minigames and bounties that the Umpires will organise throughout the game. Stay posted.

Duel Selection

The selection criteria for The Duel are as follows: