Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 2 News

Saturday, 24 October

[15:00 PM] Mission Two is GO GO GO
The Governess reports:

Dear Agent,

The time has come to get those truffles in Control Strategic Location. Our truffle-deep-scanner 3000 has given us the locations of the places. Now in Lammas land and Coe Fen (sorry for last minute changes to the original location). They are marked by a red twine at the following locations (see below). The red twine will be tied around a tree at the locations.

  • A) Lammas land tennis court, north west corner.
  • B) Lammas land south (tree with red and yellow leaves)
  • C) Sheep's green canoe club building south west corner.
  • D) South of sheep's green, in the fork of the river. On a bush branch
  • E) Centre of Coe Fen, on a large tree

In order to capture a location, you must be within 2 metres of the marked tree and there are no other agents within that 2 metre radius. When you do capture a location, please send in a report with subject 'captured point A'. No body text needed. The timestamp of the email and your CRSID will be used to calculate how much time you have held the location. You do not have to stay at the location to hold it, meaning you can leave and still earn points until someone else captures it.

Because of the fast respawn nature. You only get 1 point for a kill and 0.5 for an assist.

If you capture the location with someone else (if you're working together and not killing each other, it counts) then the points for holding the location will be divided equally amongst you.

Only the areas within the red lines are in bound. If you die, you respawn from 5 minutes from when you died. When you are about to respawn please inform everyone. You cannot lie about whether you are dead or alive if someone asks.

By the way, if you see a certain Ciara Aberdeen in the field, they are OoB and spectating for this event. Please do not shoot them (treat as an innocent). If anyone else would like to be announced as a spectator then please let me know!

Good luck, Agent. The Client is counting on you for these truffles.

A quick point of clarification about today's event. If you die, you can still move around and go out of bound etc

The Governess

[15:00 PM] Captain Jack Sparrow could not find a whack enough quack!
Captain Jack Sparrow reports:

I did not see a single person whose quack was more than a 4/10 up your game guys. There were also a serious lack of ducks / I was too busy being killed to notice. The cows' quacks were a solid 11/10. Therefore cows > humans, but we already knew this.

[15:10 PM] Machine Alliance of Science Appliance (HK-47 and Hot Tub Rhyme Machine), alongside agent Sayonara, locate the delicacies requested by The Client despite frequently coming under fire
Yuhang Xie reports:

Every time I don't eat bees, I am in agony. I feel as if my mouth just doesn't deserve to exist, for it has no purpose other than to eat bees. I look at honey and all I could think about are those fat flying fucks, I can't stop, I've grown over 50 flowers in my backyard now, killing every humming bird that comes near it, only hoping for a bee to come and rescue my pollinated pot fulls of flowers. I can't eat, I can't sleep, all I think about are bees. There is no escape, there is no freedom, I will become their queen, I will be their God, if they don't want me I will devour them sweetly, I know this path will be rough, the local beekeepers don't trust me ever since I tried stealing a box full of bees last time I went. I will find a hive, and when I do I will have my army, my army will live off of me as I of them, we will thrive, I can't wait to devour my sweet beehive. My hunnies.

HK-47 reports:

Frustrated remark: The Governess, I kindly ask that this 'glitch' in the teleporter be fixed with all due haste, as it has for a second time managed to strand my other companion between timelines. Regardless, I did gather a significant number of the goods The Client requested.

Upon arrival in the target timeline, Sayonara and I were able again to negotiate temporary alliance with another agent - this time a robot of significant repute, Hot Tub Rhyme Machine. We were, however, running out of time before the other agents were estimated to arrive.

We moved at pace, securing two gathering points in quick succession, but our head start was not to last long. My long-range scanners picked up three life forms approaching, and we prepared to face them. They advanced, under a withering hail of covering fire. We had no choice but to pull back, and they took the point, and before long they had scored chance hits on my companions, and then myself.

The accelerated repair systems installed for the mission worked precisely to specifications, allowing us before long to retreat and form a perimeter around the first point. A lone meatbag approached, but must have realised that he was outmatched, as he made the wise decision of turning away.

At this point, having calculated that we were likely to not encounter other agents for some time, we decided to move to take one of the other points, located in the midst of a harsh swampland. We immediately spotted its defenders - two meatbags wielding only knives, primitive swords, and a vicious-looking bladed disc for throwing. They retreated and regrouped as we approached, but were quickly taken out in spite of their defensive position. However, they seemed to be fitted with advanced regrowth implants as well, and so one of our number pursued them as they regenerated, looking to drive them away for good. I received a distress signal from said companion as the prey turned to ambush their pursuer, and I was only able to arrive in time to kill the opposition after they had done the same to one of our own.

I returned to the point to scan for any other threats, and I was eventually rewarded when the same two meatbags returned to try and retake the point, as only I was guarding it.

Analysis: They had clearly not learned from their experiences, as they were still not competent enough to destroy me before my companions returned. Sayonara hit them from behind as Hot Tub Rhyme Machine moved to defend me, and we cut them down once more with blaster fire. This time, they retreated for good.

We were by now bored of standing guard, so we travelled south to a fork in the river, where we came upon the only survivor of a firefight. She fought valiantly, but we had her surrounded, and a final shot from my blaster took her down. We had no time to rest, however, as the other combatants regenerated shortly afterwards and tried to surprise us. Needless to say, it was in vain.

At this point, my sensors picked up another meatbag approaching - one I had only heard the name of: Thaddeus Valentine. He held a weapon of sizeable proportion, and of a type that I had fallen to before. Once again, my head was reduced to slag, and Sayonara too was felled - but our deaths enabled Hot Tub Rhyme Machine to hit the meatbag from the side and once again hold our post.

A few minutes later, one of the meatbags we had just killed returned, just as I was repaired sufficiently to kill him. Again.

Observation: Some meatbags have limited tactical sense, but, one hunter to another, their persistence is to be admired.

This time he retreated further away, and when he next attacked, it coincided with the arrival of Natsuki Subaru. My sensors barely recognized the secondary threat as, in the heat of battle, my tactical core malfunctioned, and I charged most recklessly towards the meatbag who had previously denied me a kill. I was, of course, deactivated again, as was Hot Tub Rhyme Machine, although Sayonara escaped.

We calculated it best to move away from the hotly contested point as we regenerated, and we came upon Thaddeus Valentine once again. He was held in a stand-off with Hot Tub Rhyme Machine for long enough that Sayonara was able to shoot him from behind, and we began a countdown to his return, as it was nearing the end of the period we could remain safely in the timeline.

As he burst once again into existence, we attacked just as his companions arrived and set upon us. At some point in the chaos, some died and others entered the battle, but my sensors were focused on my own work - I made one kill cleanly, and turned just in time to see Thaddeus Valentine's weapon preparing to shoot me. In that moment, I calculated it impossible that I could escape deactivation, but in spite I turned my own blaster on him and pierced his side just as my sensors went dark.

[15:55 PM] Someone, we don't know who thinks his bigger gun can give him an advantage, until they find out Thaddeus Valentine has the same gun!
Someone, we don't know who reports:

I was approaching Point D, this was my chance. I had learnt from last time, and brought the largest gun in the known universe. It doesn't really fit the role of an assassin, but it would be more than enough firepower to crush my opponents. I made my first contact with my enemy, but to my shock he had the same gun as me. We exchanged fire from some distance, with the trees being shredded by gunfire, but I had more ammunition, and caught him eventually.

My inspection of the corpse revealed it to be Thaddeus Valentine, my first victim of the day.

Tuesday, 27 October

[13:00 PM] HK-47 acquires a much-needed weapons system upgrade
HK-47 reports:

((Error: main blaster malfunction. You have neglected (17) warning signals for the past several weeks. Don't say I didn't warn you, HK.))

Apologies, The Client. New weaponry has been difficult to acquire under The Governess' 'rules' about not 'looting' targets or other agents. I had placed an order at a local manufacturer for a custom-made replacement (and improvement), but it shows no sign of arriving anytime soon.

Observation: The meatbags around this location seem even more contrary than ever: contracts and agreements are enforced on others but not upheld by the meatbags themselves.

Now, where was I-

((Notification: delivery location marked 'pidgeonhole' has registered new incoming.))

Excited remark: At last! Forgive the disruption, The Client, but I must receive this, as it is of more import to me than your concerns about my 'overzealous' programming and 'bloodthirsty' attitude.


((Running diagnostics'))

((Scan complete. Confirmation of receipt: 1 blaster, custom-made - semi-automatic, expanded power pack; spare power packs.))

((Aside: This power pack charging input is Agency standard, so the previous model's recharging problem is no longer an issue- yes, HK, this means you don't have to worry about wasting shots.))

Gleeful declarative: The hunt is on.

Thursday, 29 October

[11:14 AM]
Yuhang Xie reports:

It's a down-time question, but I'm serious. Let's say that it's the finals of the Team Tournament Duel in crunch time. If I would rate my quack 5/7 (if I were a duck) starts kissing Natsuki Subaru, not a single assassin will be paying attention, leaving Rook open for an easy team kill. Would I would rate my quack 5/7 (if I were a duck) and Natsuki Subaru be called for a technical, or would the kills count? The rules say technical fouls relate to unsportsmanlike behaviour, but I don't see how this is unsportsmanlike, it's just the most uncharacteristic thing ever. What say you guys?

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