Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 3 News

Sunday, 1st November

[14:00 PM] Your third mission awaits (shhh, don't tell The Governess I sent you)
The Client reports:

The timeporters have recharged. Get ready for the Jurassic period, bring your best instincts. Touristasarus roam these lands; studentdactyls lurk in these caves and a human won't be seen on the surface of the planet for another hundred million years.

Your next mission is a simple one, Scout and Recon on Sunday 1st November, 2 - 4pm. 

The Governess, in her 'infinite' wisdom, thought this was a good place to hide her access codes. What she doesn't know is that I know of her scheming ways. With these codes, we can finally access her grandmother's brownie recipe!

That's where I need your help. The access codes are hidden, and can only be retrieved by placing a special piece of kit in the very precise location of the code. My elite team have created The Flag, this will allow you to find the access code. You must take The Flag to the locations, at which point you must take a photo and submit it to me.

The locations of where you need to take The Flag can be found below. You must take any of the flags to the locations and then you must take a photo with the flag at that location to score points. You can visit locations in any order. No person is required to be in the photo, but you may wish to do so for memories sake. All your submitted photos will not be shared. The Client cares about your data.

The locations:

  1. The Time Jump zone (Christ's Piece - Princess Diana Memorial) - Flags start and end point
  2. The T-rex burial site (The museum of zoology) 
  3. The homo-sapien birth place (The museum of anthropology)
  4. Gallimimus grassland (Parkers piece, next to that building)
  5. Passage between rock faces (Hobsons passage)
  6. Brachiosaurus feasting ground (red letterboxes in market square)
  7. Old rock that looks like Queens' (Queens' old gate)
  8. Grantasaurus sighting (Granta Place, outside University Centre)
  9. Old broken time machine (Corpus Clock)

But beware. Other agents will be looking to kill you and steal your flag. If you steal a flag, you continue your own photo hunt. Your progress will not reset if you die. Our patented micro cloner will be on the field. Outside the bound area and inside the Grand Arcade, you can be cloned and it is also Out of Bounds.

The bounding area and thus respawn area is

  1. The River (Cam) you must be on the far side of the river from the city centre to respawn
  2. The Roads - all roads that the red line marks on the map are out of bounds. The pavement closest to the city centre is in bounds, stepping into the road or crossing the road is out of bounds. When you are out of bounds here you may respawn
  3. The Foothills (the Grand Arcade)

Remember, you can only be micro-cloned when you exit the area of play or enter the Grand Arcade. All respawn areas are out of bounds. Remember also indoor locations are Out of Bounds (but you may not respawn there unless it's the Grand Arcade). Remember to also be discrete and not hit any touristasauruses. They are innocent and gonna have a hard time with a meteor anyway...

Don't, in any circumstance, let The Governess know about this coup. You work for me now (I can pay you better in virtual cookies).

The Client


tl;dr and Rules:

  1. Four flags will begin at Christ's piece location (see map)
  2. Capture flags and take them to locations (A - I). Take photos of the flags at those locations to score points. 3 points per location photographed, divided amongst the number of people in your team. No person is needed in the photo (but you may want to for memories), and your photos won't be shared with anyone and will be deleted after the Umpires work out the points.
  3. When you have completed all 9 locations. You must take your flag back to point A and take another photo for an additional 3 points.
  4. If you DO NOT have a flag, you may capture someone else's flag. You can only do this if they drop it or if you kill the person carrying it. When you have a flag, you continue your own photo hunt. Your progress does not reset if you die.
  5. Dead players must travel either across the river, across the marked roads or into the Grand Arcade to instantly respawn. When crossing the river, the OoB and respawn point begins when you are on the furthest side of the river to the city centre. When crossing the marked roads, the OoB and respawn point starts when you step off the pavement nearest to the city centre. You must not lie about dead or alive status. Dead assassins must drop their flags or give it to their killer when it is safe to do so.
  6. When you have a flag. You may not stow it or hide it. If you hold it, it must be in one of your hands. It must be visible. The flag may not be a weapon. Flags must always remain in bounds. So flags cannot go indoors. A team can only have one flag at a time. You can form teams on the day during the event.
  7. 1 point for a kill, 0.5 point for assist

[15:00 PM] Yuhang Xie Submits and unrelated report
Yuhang Xie reports:

Monday, 2 November

[22:59 PM] Yuhang Xie discovers new technology
Yuhang Xie reports:

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