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Saturday, 24 November

[00:00 AM] And so comes the storm! Farewell to squigglysquids (Pei Zhen See), Bruh-cat (Li Xin), Nevar (Samuel Gutteridge), Alex (Alex Thomas), Lucinda (Lucinda Hobden), Cherry Pie (Xin Ru (Cheryl) Jiang), Anne Oldman (Hannah Vandersluis), The Butterfly Effect (Twm Stone), and finally You Tolkein to me? (Colin Kaljee)
Jareth reports:

So comes the end. You have fought well... some of you. But I move the stars for none of you, and your time here has run its course. The finest four among you may fight on, for the glory you were once so desperate to seek. The rest? I can only assume that you decided my gift was not to your liking after all.

But what's this? One among my champions does not wish to fight? I see. You tire of this death, of the gloom of the Labyrinth. You feel yourself unworthy of the glory I offered you.

Very well. If you would not have my gift, if you would leave the Labyrinth, so be it. You shall walk these halls no longer. There are plenty who would take your place. And you can take theirs, beneath the storm.

Friday, 30 November

[10:00 AM] The final Duel! Samuel (Sam) Sully AKA Merlin emerges as this game's victor
Jareth reports:

A factual summary of events:

The Duellists and spectators gathered on Sheep's Green from a little before 10am. Weapons were distributed, and greetings, advice and anecdotes traded. Once everyone had gathered, the party relocated to the area selected for the Duel proper. The boundaries of the arena were established, the weapons drop was set up, and the Duellists took up their starting positions. The final Duel was then officially begun.

The Duellists cautiously began to approach one another, exchanging a few test shots and keeping well apart. It was then that Thomas (Tom) Carey and Noemi Ammaturo's weapons jammed. In trying to back off and unjam her weapon, Noemi Ammaturo moved into the range of Rebecca Harris with whom she had established a very tenuous alliance. The fragility of this alliance was made clear when Rebecca Harris shot Noemi Ammaturo, spilling the first blood of the Duel.

Thomas (Tom) Carey and Samuel (Sam) Sully then attempted to shoot down Rebecca Harris, who held out for an impressively long time against two enemies, even after losing a leg to Thomas (Tom) Carey. Ranged sniping and water-balloon fire from Samuel (Sam) Sully proved ineffective for some time, but eventually a headshot was scored, and Rebecca Harris was no more.

Thomas (Tom) Carey and Samuel (Sam) Sully then separated as much as possible, firing cautiously from a distance. Thomas (Tom) Carey took the offensive, chasing down Samuel (Sam) Sully and taking advantage of Samuel (Sam) Sully's stash of water balloons which he had accessed. However, this attack was dodged. Eventually, the tide was turned - Thomas (Tom) Carey slipped and fell, and Samuel (Sam) Sully was able to strike a killing blow, thus claiming victory.

There then followed various duels for sport between players and spectators, as well as a team deathmatch, after which the remaining party relocated to the nearest tavern for warmth, food, and merriment.

Merlin reports:

In a land of myth and a time of magic, the end drew near, Jareth had summoned us all to this location, this desolate cave with nowhere to hide. He stepped forward and told us that only one of us would be allowed to leave here and that the others would be left down here to rot for eternity. Of course we knew this, it was why we had fought so hard, why we had killed so brutally, why we had betrayed our own to get ourselves here.

Jareth instructed us to begin. I kept myself to the edges of the cave initially and soon the ad hoc alliance between Rumpelstiltskin and Lyra Viria faltered when Lyra Viria sent forth a burst of flames into the back of Rumpelstiltskin. Then Barry Bluejeans moved in to attack Lyra Viria, quickly relieving her of her leg. What followed was an unexpectedly long exchange where Lyra Viria managed to dodge my magic missiles and Barry Bluejeans's attacks for quite some time, she also managed somehow to deflect my fireball, which flew right over her head! Of course, my magic was at fault, not at all! After a short while, one of my fire bolts collided with Lyra Viria's head, causing it to stop existing. Now only Barry Bluejeans and I remained. Any friendliness was over, one of us was about to die.

At first, we exchanged a few attacks at range, both managing to dodge effectively, then Barry Bluejeans sent forth a hail of fire down onto me, I had to run. As I did the fire followed, he managed to steal one of my own fireballs and fire it at me, my eyes glowed gold and I sent it flying away into the headless corpse of Lyra Viria, I'm sure they didn't mind. Eventually, Barry Bluejeans stopped, out of charges he switched to his sword. At this point I moved forward, knowing my range was superior I swiftly cast a chilling blast of ice into his chest, freezing it solid. He fell to the floor and the ice shattered. He was dead. I had won.

The cave faded around me and I found myself on the surface again, I saw the sun, the sky, the beautiful clouds! Jareth had freed me from his prison, his labyrinth and I was able, finally, to take hold of the eternal glory that Jareth had promised.

Rumpelstiltskin reports:

What is our life if not an ephemeral experience? I thought in my last moments as Haruto Amo smiled at me from the other side. I smiled back, aware that I had reached a point of no return, the poison on my skin burning my breath away as it ate its way through my flesh. Around us the battle still ravaged the fields with darts and bullets, sparks, splashes and flashes firing in all directions. Yet, I was a stranger to all of this, my mind already detached from the worries of the livings which still stood fighting.

Ah, isn't it ironic? That I, the one who used to pull the strings on people and make them dance to my own will, the one who plotted and orchestrated the deaths of many just for amusement, was destined to fall by the hand of my ally? I never trusted her, but I had thought she would at least honour our deal, as it was advantageous to both of us. And what a price did she pay for that choice, when she decided to pull the trigger on me, her only hope of getting a kill in the duel. My ghost watched her struggles to survive as she, on one foot, put up a valiant fight against the vicious Barry Bluejeans and his "ally", the warlock Merlin. Still, perhaps it was not as much her heroic stance as their appalling lack of skills and aim which kept her alive.

Visions in the past nights had told me, that I was to find death in betrayal since I had treacherously delivered death to my "allies". This was the price I had to pay for breaking my deals: there is truly no escaping the rules governing this world. Likewise, my silly "ally" fixed her mistake with her departure from life.

O Lyra Viria, I should have had us seal our deal properly, the old-fashioned way, with a kiss. I am sure there is a specially reserved spot for me, but not for you, in the ninth circle of hell. I was a ghost, damned to haunt these lands, forever trapped in a curse while you dearie, you were an assassin, destined for shadowy glory, a glory which you burnt with your own hands (and poison). I am the one who will descend to Caina to join the ranks of the previous traitors who before me feasted upon their kin. Ah, the memory of Brown Reaper still torments me even in death, he was the closest sort of friend I had acquired over the years and I regret being forced to take his life for my own greed. Fittingly, those who come after us shall find me trapped in the infernal lake of ice, Cocytus, just a step away from Judas.

I can hear M's soul snickering at me from behind the curtains for such a deserved ending. Oh, he died a loyal servant to his morals, something which I could never possess. I am positive my demise did not come as a surprise to him, nor my pathetic attempt at survival. As I said, I trusted Lyra Viria to have enough intellect to wait for us to take down at least one the major threats in the fight, but she did not show such sagacity and gunned me down with acid. My fight might have been short-lived, but it certainly is worth adding it to the annals. I died entirely disarmed, caught off-guard as I was desperately trying to summon my plushies' army. I wasn't quick enough to even conjure up a fireball against her before I realised that she was too close to my right side.

Letting go of my gun was a mistake, yet not letting go of it earlier was an even worse mistake. I should have never trusted such human-made modern weapons; they have faults and can malfunction. My last bullet misfired, sadly, as I was close enough to a swearing Barry Bluejeans, whose weapon had also jammed. I did not realise mine was no longer working for a while, probably due to the fact that such tasteless and unreliable way of murdering people had never appealed to me. That gave him enough time to grab one more weapon and come after me. I was forced to retreat into the welcoming arms of my "ally".

She had been chasing Merlin, while I gauged the distance between me and Barry Bluejeans trying to estimate his range against mine. I was not being useless, I was using my brains. That is also why my preferred starting position had been at the far back of this wasted land, the sun forcibly shining on my glittery skin despite my attempts to shield it. Yet, I already knew, from the moment when I stepped into the field that Merlin would be the one standing victor. I had expected that he would be the one to put an end to my villainous existence and I had been fatally wrong.

Now, before my soul is finally dispatched to the deepest part of Hade's domains let me entertain myself some more. Fencing with Jareth in a mostly sophisticated fashion which leads to my "death" once again. Dancing with a master of the drunken sword, Alder Skrilth, until my feet can no longer hop me around. Finally settling the score with Lyra Viria as our promised fight had to happen, even if it means wielding sabres in the afterlife. Two armies of more or less recently departed figures are formed at last and within seconds of them clashing I take my chance and shoot Barry Bluejeans in the head, this time with a working gun.

I should be reaching the end of my story now. Yet, this is my epitaph, so allow me some sentimental farewells before this age fades and a new world without us in it begins.

The wind subtly breathes,

whistling against metal barrels.

I hear your call Death,

Yet I fear your grip.

I see Kharon's ship sailing

across the river, past the trees.

Strangled tunes urge its oars,

Yet it has no haste.

There's no helmsman,

There's no need for one.

For this is a one-man only journey,

With one stop and one lantern.

Angels chant the despair of souls

as I embark on my final voyage.

Silver strings accompany them,

Cursed choir leading to my grave.

Their tones made of delicate lights,

broken into monstrous refractions

as they move through glassy waters,

Tarnished, lacrimal sounds

slowly dying in the distance,

are the last thing I see before

Me and the boat are sucked in,

Devoured by darkness.

Sicut in morte, et in vita

Ego vim numquam relinquo,

Etsi mortui nihil possident.

Sine amore, cum perfidia

Ita deleturus sum.

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