Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here is a list of members of our loyal police, charged with protecting Cambridge from murderers of innocents and people that annoy the all powerful Umpire:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
The Shadow Broker HimselfThe Shadow BrokerAndrew Browneassassins-umpire@srcf.ucam.orgL8WolfsonFull WaterNo Contact Weapons. The Umpire! ^^ Happy to take any questions regarding any aspect of the game, and duel for competency/cake/company! Friendly reminder that the umpire is allowed to actively hunt wanted and inco players, and this one is very bloodthirsty and fully intends to do exactly that! Let me know if you'd like me to join you on an attempt/accompany me when I'm hunting, it's always more fun in a group! ^^
Agent BrainTaserface AKA Marvin the paranoid-hardened androidSean With Care
Agent PinkyThe OperativeSam WaterOoB when cycling and fire stewarding (I will be wearing a high-vis jacket if and only if I am currently fire stewarding)
Gatekeeper to Bloody HellYour MumSarah, Central SiteTrinity HallWater With Care
Crafty AgentKazari UiharuChris if DiscoveredNot Very ApplicableWater With CareOut of bound when being out of bound. Address strictly OOB as living with pensioner landlord couple. Frequently found in Newnham. Sidgwick site lecture block Wednesday 11-12, 14-15, 15-16/17. Don???t scare my supervisees, supervisors, colleagues, landlords and neighbours. Not to be involved in the police war. Please contact me if you want to trace an inco or wanted, as I am the Goalkeeper.??
Agent Crack-ShotUnit 012Andrew Trumpington Street, Room 6Corpus ChristiWater With CareHi. Resident Paranoia hardened Deathmaster here. To be honest, I'm playing this game much more for the story of it than to win. My route to lectures is very traffic heavy and so, please be careful if you're planning any ambushes around that sort of thing... a reminder that cyclists are out of bounds in the vicinity of other traffic, including other cyclists. I won't fight back if I believe I'm out of bounds at the time for safety reasons (unless I react reflexively, I guess). Another reminder that labs are out of bounds.
Trusted Sneaky-AgentSavonaRebecca Court 11, Room 2JesusFull WaterOoB when cycling
Initiated AgentLady KatanaMahika Court B3St John'sNo WaterI have a roommate :) OoB if holding violin
Initiated AgentDreamerwingHannah EdwardsNo Water
Trusted AgentIcarusLuc North CourtSt John'sNo Water
Trusted AgentThe Illusive ManMichael WarmanMichael.warman2@googlemail.comEx-StudentNo WaterI'm happy to fight anyone who challenges me, at a convenient time and place. The overwhelming majority of my time is spent out of bounds, in the two places I live, at work, or driving between them. I might sometimes walk from where I work, in Clarendon House to a nearby shop, though I won't know in advance if or when I'll be doing that.
Trusted AgentRomaric Massonromaric_m@yahoo.fr70 Gough WayAnglia RuskinNo Water
New AgentR2D2Twm Stonetwm.stone@cantab.net67 Glebe Road, Cambridge, CB1 7TF. Frequently found in New Court, St. John'sFormerly of Christ'sFull WaterOOB when cycling
New AgentWinnie the PoohAili attend lectures at the Physiology Lecture Theatre, Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings between 11:05 and 12:00 when I get up on time.JesusNo Water
New AgentHatman the Largely Inactive For This TermAlex, Selwyn Old CourtSelwynWater With CareOOB when cycling
New AgentDr Victor HasselhoffSamuel Court 5, Room 12JesusWater With CarePlease don't get anything electrical wet
New AgentThe Ghost of The Intergalactic DuckJack Water
New AgentSir Isaac Newton, the deadliest son of a bitch in spaceHannah Court E14TrinityNo Water
New AgentHan YoloValentin Foleyvalentinarmelfoley@gmail.com6 Trumpington Street, Room 1Corpus ChristiNo WaterMy building has CCTV, so do try not to look too suspicious. There may be a human staying in my room on some occasions; please don't kill them.
New AgentSheamol K408King'sNo Water
Deep Cover AgentJudasDani CuginiFormerly of EmmanuelNo Water
New AgentFord PrefectJoe With Care
New AgentDarth AdderColin WaterOoB when not in Cambridge
New AgentThe AstrogatorShaun Court 14, Room 4JesusNo WaterOoB when cycling

Killed in the line of duty:

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side, and paid the price:

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