Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Player List

Here is a list of live players for Michaelmas 2020. Everyone is valid targets for everyone!

Real Name College Notes
Adam Sabo Caius
Akash Gupta Downing OoB on a cycle
Alex Kiy English
Alexei Newton St John's
Amelia Jabry Lucy Cav
Amy Read Computer Science
Andrew Browne Wolfson Mdeically exempt from mask wearing
Andrew Darby "The Real World" Please make me exempt from winning the game. This sounds super fun and I want in, but, I've done my time.
Aneesha Nadkarni Newnham
Ankit Bhattarai Trinity
Ansh Gupta Girton OoB on a bicycle
Artem Khovanov Fitzwilliam
Ashley Dubois Clare Warning: psychofresher
Ashraf Ibrahim Pembroke OoB on a bicycle
Becky Foster Sidney Sussex
Callum Houghton-Flory Queens'
Calvin Hooper Corpus Christi
Cameron Round Homerton
Chris Xia The Real World My DAL passcode is FLEAS. You are welcome!
Ciara Aberdeen Trinity
Claire Lincoln Jesus
Claire Rush Clare
Colin Kaljee Emmanuel
Corinna Dunzendorfer Churchill
Daniel Adesanya St Johns
Daniel Bassett Trinity Out of bounds while cycling (and on a bicycle if allowed :P)
Dom Thomas Selwyn
Dexter Poon Magdalene
Diyana Nikolova Murray Edwards
Dorothy Zidkova Sidney Sussex Oob on a bicycle & Oob whilst cycling
Dylan Moss Queens' OoB on a bicycle, OoB in room (for future reference as already OoB)
Eli Belilty Hughes Hall
Ellery Gopaoco St John's OoB on a bicycle
Emily Simpson Selwyn
Emily Tapley Emmanuel
Farhan Ali Downing
Faris Khan Clinical School
Fiona Gibbs Girton
Flo Brockman Murray Edwards
Francesco De Batt?? Downing
Francis Garry MCMUllan Emmanuel
Gabriel Pryce Queens' watch out GibityGibGabZoo is about
Gabriella Holland Selwyn
Gemma Penson Trinity Hall OoB on a bike.
Geno Racklin Asher King's
George Huster Downing
Guannan Mu Hughes Hall
Harry Walden Churchill
Henri Michele Righetti Queens'
Henry London Christ's
Ian Leung St John's
Inika Murkumbi Selwyn OoB on a bicycle
Isaac Soul Magdalene
Izzy Anderson-Besant Clare
Jack Lawrence Jesus
Jacob Boris Kreb Loveridge Johns
Jane Usher Murray Edwards
Joe Grieves Kings
Juan Carlos Quinza??os Darwin
Kay Baxter Selwyn OoB on a bicycle
Kim Pastine Newnham
Kordian Glabowski St Catharine's Idk, a broche would be nice to have I guess
Laxman Manivannan Robinson
Leila Uddin Magdalene OoB on bike, water with care room
Lewis Westwood Flood Jesus
Liam McKnight Clare
Lillie Parker English Medically exempt from having to wear a mask all the time.
Iola Chapman Selwyn
Lottie Barrett Queens'
Louise Barnaby Robinson If you were a duck, how would you rate your quack out of 10??
Lucy Chinnery Clinical School
Lucy Ivey Christ's I'd rather not get sprayed with water because I usually carry my phone on me and don't want it to get wet.
Lucy Saunders Clare I use she/her pronouns
Lucy Xu Pembroke OoB on a bike
House completely OoB due to covid high risk person
Manlin Chawla Newnham
Marcus September Clare Don't use water-based weaponry while I wear a backpack; It will most likely contain a laptop.
Marta Bax Churchill
Matei Chesa Trinity
Mathush Kantharupan Selwyn
Mia Gittens Murray Edwards Water with care on person
Miles Alfrey Jesus
Mohammed Elyass Sidney Sussex
Muazzam Muhammad Churchill
Niamh Casstles Girton
Nicolas Lejeune St John's
Olivia Clapp Murray Edwards OoB on a bicycle
Olivia Nutt Queens' if either of the Umpires or other assassins are pedantic compscis, I'm sorry for that pseudonym
Oscar Hill Caius
Pascal Economou Sidney Sussex
Patrick Farnworth Kings
Paul Durbaba Robinson
Phoebe Sayer Churchill Out Of Bounds when wearing or carrying fencing kit. Also I'm fine with any pronouns though I mostly use she/her IRL and they/them online for some reason.
Razvan Pripoaie Kings OoB when on a bike or scooter
Robert Witts Pembroke
Ryan Zeng Selwyn
Sam Al Saidi Selwyn
Sara Mahmmud King's
Saul Bailey Wolfson OoB on a bicycle; no water in room
Selina Wang Emmanuel
Serena Li Caius
Sophia Sergeeva Churchill
Sophie Ruthven Selwyn
Susanna Power Queens'
Thomas Brian Peterhouse Should I ever be found on a bicycle, OoB on bicycle
OoB while stewarding at the Union
Timothy De Goede Engineering OoB when on a bicycle
Toby Smallcombe Emmanuel
Tommy Birt Sidney Sussex
Tsveta Todorova King's
Twm Stone The Real World
Varun Muralidharan Emmanuel
Vedanshu Mahajan Selwyn
Victoria Chong Christ's
Vikaas Varma King's
Vincent Trieu Trinity OoB while cycling
Wing Ki Amelie Lam Selwyn
Yammi Yip Clare
Yinshan Loh Judge Business School MBA
Yuka Onozawa King's
Yusuf Adia St Johns

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